The Year of Florence Pugh

Source: Vanity Fair

Source: Vanity Fair

Cael Brennan

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This is the perfect time to fall in love with actress Florence Pugh. After starring in 2016 film Lady Macbeth, her upward trajectory into fame and ability to reinvent herself has made Pugh and exciting and fresh actress to follow. Seamlessly Florence Pugh has cemented herself as a talented actress after starring in recent movies such as Ari Aster’s most recent film “Midsommar.” Inspiring many to begin following Pugh and her work as the actress’s talents continued being expressed. Audiences also quickly anticipate Pugh being featured in the upcoming new iteration of “Little Women” directed by Greta Gerwig, as well as joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in their new movie “Black Widow.” Pugh may well be this year’s coolest breakout star by virtue of her performances in Gerwig’s celebration and deconstruction of the classic 1868 Louisa May Alcott novel as well as the unsettling summer horror film “Midsommar.” Within the chilling folk horror movie “Midsommar”, the actress who only 4 years ago was attending acting school managed to ensnare crowds with her thrilling depiction of mental illness and the isolation felt by those trapped within a failing relationship. The film allotted the young actress the stage that Pugh would eventually utilize in developing the foundation that the rest of her career would spur from. Now on December 25th, she will star along with decorated actresses Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern and Meryl Streep within the new interpretation of Little Women directed by breakout director Greta Gerwig. Providing many the belief that Florence Pugh will surely form into an iconic figure in film as she continues to enhance and push her craft as an actress farther

Source: LA Times