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Storm Evokes a Cloudy Schedule

Due to a recent storm, a scheduling conflict has broken out within the South Windsor School district.
Eliza Blanchfield
View from inside a car window approaching South Windsor High School amidst heavy rain and wind.

On the eve of Monday, December 18th a violent storm struck the town of South Windsor. This storm would continue throughout the day, posing a risk to many South Windsor residents. The severity of the storm had been discussed before its arrival in South Windsor, but residents were not entirely prepared for the problems that would ensue. 

High school students waking up early for school became increasingly aware of the challenges to their morning commute the storm would bring. Families hoped for a delay or cancellation, as many felt the roads were unsafe for student drivers to travel, both due to their lack of experience driving in such conditions and the severity of the downpour and gale force winds. Fallen trees, displaced trash cans, and widespread flooding posed threats to anyone making their way to the high school. 

Students who lacked an alternative form of transportation would be left standing in the rain and strong gusts of wind, waiting for their buses to arrive. This created a potentially unsafe environment for the students, especially since the sun had yet to rise, making those waiting outside not entirely visible to drivers out on the road early in the morning. 

At 6:53 am, families received a voice message from South Windsor Public Schools District, stating that Timothy Edwards Middle School and all Elementary schools would have a two-hour delay. Promptly after the original message, South Windsor’s superintendent decided to cancel all classes for the Middle and Elementary schools, while the high school classes had already begun.

Due to the late notice, many parents with young children had to scramble for childcare.

Many wondered what the course of action would be for the high school during such an unusual day, though no change would be made to the high school schedule. This decision was made based on the increasing number of students who had already reached the building, seeing that sending students home may have caused additional disruption. However, the conditions in the high school on that day were not ideal.

Ms. Tera Harlow, Associate Principal of South Windsor High School, explained the limited control the high school has over decisions regarding canceling/delaying the school day.

“The decision to close the school was not able to be made by the high school administration,” Harlow explained. 

This left concern throughout the town of South Windsor for various reasons. One of the most important is that the high school now sits a day ahead of the remaining schools, which causes scheduling conflicts throughout the district for the rest of the year. 

I think we should have had an extra day off sometime in the school year to make up for it

— sophomore Lily Lines

Many students feel the unbalanced schedule has an easy fix. 

“I think we should have had an extra day off sometime in the school year to make up for it,” sophomore Lily Lines explained.

Despite the concerns about weather and the eventual issues from scheduling, students proceeded throughout their days as normal, even traveling from the main building to the newly added Annex where various subject’s classes take place. The walk to and from the Annex resulted in drenched clothing and uncomfortable students. Arriving at class on time was difficult due to the large gusts of wind and torrential downpours, slowing down students’ walk. 

Additionally, during the events of the storm, the high school experienced minor water damage due to the leaking roof, which was just recently redone. Buckets were found in hallways and classrooms collecting water from the roof before it seeped into carpets, reaffirming a rising frustration within the South Windsor High School community.

As the storm calmed, South Windsor residents’ opinions arose, many unhappy with the unclear communication and their unpleasant morning. Although no students were physically harmed, many did not appreciate the added stress to their day. 

“I definitely was disappointed and angry especially since we had to walk outside to go to our classes and it was pouring, it made the day kind of miserable,” sophomore Olivia Stoner expressed.

Currently, the high school’s schedule remains ahead of the rest of the district with plans for action still in progress.

The Bobcat Prowl reached out to the South Windsor Board of Education for comment, but has yet to hear back.

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