Prowl Awarded Grant


Mrs. Quinn

The Bobcat Prowl student newspaper staff poses with members of the S.W. Youth and Family Services and the S.W. Alliance for Families after being awarded a grant.

The Bobcat Prowl is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the inaugural “Make A Change” mini grant. 

Early on April 21, South Windsor Alliance for Families (SWAFF) and South Windsor Youth and Family Services, the organizers of the grant, presented The Prowl with the generous grant. This was the first year of the Make A Change (MAC) grant program in South Windsor.

“The S.W. Alliance for Families (SWAFF), along with the S.W. Youth and Family Services, brainstormed ideas to encourage student involvement in initiatives that affect their peers,” said South Windsor Youth and Family Services organizer Kathy Reed. “We were conscious of the fact that grants are usually offered to adults, and not directly to youth. We wanted to give kids the opportunity to have a voice, so the MAC grant program was created”. 

Plans are already underway for The Prowl to make use of the grant money, with the funds being allocated to providing upgrades to the site, promoting new projects, and increasing accessibility to its readers. After a plethora of recent expansions and continued growth from The Bobcat Prowl, the grant provides a perfect opportunity for all of the staff to continue expanding their reaches.   

Having a school newspaper allows students to talk about the things that impact our school, and allows others to hear the thoughts of the writers

— Senior Editor of the Prowl, Katelyn Drenga

“Having a school newspaper allows students to talk about the things that impact our school, and allows others to hear the thoughts of the writers,” said senior editor Katelyn Drenga. “It really connects the whole community.”

“We’re really overjoyed at this opportunity. The Prowl’s staff and readership will really benefit from the upgrades and improvements we’ll purchase with this grant,” Editor-in-Chief Max Schwartzman announced. “There’ll be some great new things coming to our site in the near future.”

The Bobcat Prowl’s goal, as the school newspaper of South Windsor High School, is to strive to provide the students and the community of South Windsor with the information they need and are interested in knowing in the most effective and efficient ways possible. We offer a voice to the people in the South Windsor community and shed light on diverse perspectives. We strive to present information in a fair and accurate manner. Entering our 7th year as the SWHS newspaper, The Prowl is excited and ready for the next chapter.