Manaal Sheriff

Seniors are exhausted, overwhelmed and ready to graduate. Here is how South Windsor High School students are dealing with senioritis.

Four months and counting… South Windsor High School seniors are graduating on  June 15th, 2023. After twelve years of mandatory 7-hour school days, tests, quizzes, and teenage drama, now, it’s time to move on to a completely new chapter of their lives.

There is an end in sight, and many seniors are experiencing senioritis. By definition, senioritis is when students, in their final year of high school, lose motivation and start performing poorly.  


The countless hours of no sleep kills the vibe

— Senior Kyle Kozura






Waking up early is becoming a hard task for seniors as graduation day approaches. But when students do not come to school, or come in late and reach the max level of absences, they may lose credit for that class. As a result, they may need to attend an attendance appeal meeting where the student is questioned on why they missed school, and, in conjunction with staff and administration, find ways to improve their attendance. This process helps students keep all their credits and the administration gets a better understanding of their feelings.

Senior Jack Stricker expressed how senioritis is affecting him. “Not wanting to go to school as much, the only reason I come to school is to see [Mr.] Gilroy,” said Stricker.  Stricker is not the only student losing motivation for school. 

Senioritis has affected how students see the school as well. “I’m almost a legal adult having to eat lunch with fourteen-year-olds, and having to ask to use the bathroom, what is this?” said senior Emily Osit. Many find it irritating that they are treated like children who haven’t been there for almost four years. 

As we near the end of quarter three, and June is visible on the horizon, seniors must gather their strength to get out of bed and go to school. To help, we suggest seniors make the most out of the time they have.

Although most are in a hurry to leave, some forget that this is their last year in high school. Seniors should use this time to figure out their future and make more memories with the people they are with right now.