Short, but Needed Break

What are SWHS students doing over break?


Tyler Romero

Students work collaboratively, knowing that their efforts will pay off with February break approaching.

We have now entered the month of February, and this means we get a nice little break. This is a very exciting time for students. Many students schedule to go out of state with family or friends to have a good time. 

This break will take place from Thursday, February 16th to Monday, February 20th, we also have this Monday off for presidents day.

“I want to visit the beaches and have a great time with family,” said sophomore and class secretary Adam Saada. Not only are the flights cheaper in the course of this year but this is a perfect time to visit beaches around Florida, the weather during this time of year is amazing for swimming, running, and walking. 

“I like to visit beaches and love to go in the water so I am excited to go to Florida beaches,” said sophomore Will Castelhano. 

However, some students are not planning to visit other places over this break and are going to stay here in CT. “I plan on playing soccer and hanging out with my cousin,” said sophomore Taylor Legult.

Many students are staying home this time of year, some of the obvious reasons are parents are worried about COVID or they can afford it as of right now so their best bet is to stay home. 

This break gives a great opportunity for students to focus more on themselves and not have to worry about school work.

I just want the break off of school, it’s been very tiring. I also want to work out over break

— sophomore Fadel Kafel

This time off from school also gives students more opportunities to spend time with family, most students don’t spend time with family because they are at school and come home and are tired.