Gifts For Yo’ Girl


Jacques Torres

While trendy gifts seem to be the best option, something as simple as a box of chocolates can convey your love for someone.

Although it feels as if our wallets are still healing from Christmas, for those with significant others Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Only one week away, given those who haven’t gotten their valentine’s gift yet, there is still time to get shopping.

Gifts for your valentine don’t necessarily need to be fancy or big presents, and it can be confusing wondering what you are going to get someone for Valentines. Although it isn’t their birthday, or an anniversary, it is a day to show how much you love them.

The perfect gift can depend on who you are buying it for. But here are options fitting all different types.

For those whose significant others love keeping up with the latest trends and are always wanting the next thing, currently the trend in style is carrying around a Stanley Cup. Yetis and hydroflasks’ reign are over, the Stanley cup has come in and taken social media by chokehold. In any color, whether it could be pink to fit the theme or dark blue. The water bottle might already be on their wish list.

Sometimes a card is enough to please on Valentines Day. To go a little bit farther, a card with a small stuffed animal or a gift card inside could be an amazing gift. Gift cards to places such as a favorite clothing store (Lululemon, Gymshark, Nike, Aerie) can be a great idea.

A common and somewhat original gift could be creating your own. By going to your local CVS or Walgreens and printing out a picture of you and your loved one and putting it in a frame is always a sentimental and treasured gift. More sentimental gifts include anything when you look up “DIY valentine gifts” on Pinterest or Instagram. There, you can find homemade card ideas to make your valentine smile.

Valentines bring thoughts of love, and candy. Whether it’s chocolate hearts or candied hearts, candy is always a good idea to surprise your valentine with. Whether it’s going to CVS or Target and picking up heart chocolates and giving them to your valentine with flowers can be enough.

But what if your Valentine does not like candy? Chick-fil-a created the heart shaped trays to hold chicken nuggets, and their biscuit sandwiches. This can be a clever idea for those who chose chicken instead of chocolate.

Another situation can include that you can’t reach your loved one on Valentines Day, they can be far away, or you can be busy. A great idea would be mailing them an edible arrangement. Full of chocolate covered strawberries and candles or flowers, this can be a wonderful and meaningful surprise.

Trying to do a little bit more for your valentine? Places such as Puravida, Amazon, or even Target, sell initial necklaces. Whether it’s your initial or your loved one’s, on a necklace they can wear forever would be a great idea.

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With a week left till you celebrate with your loved one, get out there and make them feel special.