A mouses perspective of the English hallway in South Windsor High School.
A mouse’s perspective of the English hallway in South Windsor High School.
Andrew Kronenwetter

A Mouse in the Clubhouse

Scurrying through the abyss and deep silently, looking for its next victim. The creature lurks, eying its target. As it emerges from the dark, screams ring out, commotion sets in, and fear becomes widespread. In all the chaos, the SWHS family’s newest member, a mouse, hurries away with his prize: some food crumbs.

Students and teachers throughout South Windsor High School’s English Hallway have been both anticipating and dreading seeing a mouse that has made itself a home in the walls. Making appearances in multiple different classes, in the hallway, and leaving ‘gifts’ in the English Office, the mouse has really been making the rounds.

“Honestly, I welcome it,” English teacher Mr. Hawie told The Prowl. “I figure it’s a nice little pet for the English department.”

Some have called the rodent a new school mascot, while others see it as a pest that disrupts learning.

Honestly, I welcome it

— Mr. Hawie

“During a silent test, the mouse decided to run across the classroom which caused disruptions such as screaming and people running away,” junior Elise Suffish said.

Accusations about the little critter’s intentions stemming from a student and teacher questionnaire about the mouse created widespread speculation. Everything from him wanting to enjoy SWHS’ Portrait of a Graduate to him being a political prisoner escaping tyranny. 

Showing up in Carnes’, Dahms’, Smith’s, and Knapp’s rooms, the English Office, jumping over security officer Pablo’s foot, and even all the way out in the Social Studies Hallway, the little mouse has made a big impact on his newly adopted community. 

What Should We Name the Mouse?


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“While I don’t love mice, I’m pleased to know that the mouse feels comfortable with me and that they seek me out so often,” English teacher Ms. Smith explained.

While many have seen the mouse around, others are growing disappointed in their lack of seeing the creature and worry about him and his safety.

“I’m jealous I haven’t seen the mouse,” freshman Levi Maloney-Hastillo told The Prowl.

A number of  students and teachers were polled on the mouse situation, and asked what they thought the critter should be named. While there was no consensus, there was a healthy range of different names: everything from Pytheas, in honor of a famous Greek navigator, to Moscow or Bubbles. 

Regardless of his name or origins, South Windsor has largely welcomed its newest little friend.

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