Outside view of the Costco at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor CT.
Outside view of the Costco at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor CT.
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Which Market is More Super?

A Comparison of products between Costco and Whole Foods.
Construction process at Evergreen Walk on the new Whole Foods in South Windsor CT.
Construction process at Evergreen Walk on the new Whole Foods in South Windsor CT. (Eli Schwartzman)
What Whole Foods Has To Offer

With yet another grocery store being built in the town of South Windsor, the community asks why? Especially just being built, a few minutes away from where the Costco stands. 

Joining the newly added Nike store at Evergreen Walk, Whole Foods is expected to be finished and open to the public by the first quarter of the 2024 new year. 

This store offers more than the average grocery store. According to recent advertisements, Whole Foods is set to offer the finest organic foods available for the public, as well as raising the standards for other stores in the industry. When shopping at Whole Foods, you don’t need to pay for an additional membership. At competing wholesale clubs, you need to have a membership card in order to purchase items there due to them selling in bulk, and these memberships come with an annual fee to the customer. 

With a wide variety of products housed in the 50,000 square foot building; it is less intimidating and more family friendly than other warehouse stores. 

Naturally, the citizens of South Windsor are excited for this new addition to their community, for a different shopping experience so close to home. 

[Whole Foods] gives healthier options for groceries for parents in the area.

— South Windsor High School junior Arnav Thapa

”, said South Windsor High School junior Arnav Thapa. 

More variety of products that are actually good for you is something that is important to families in South Windsor and can also have a positive impact on the environment. Compared to other wholesale clubs which have many items in bulk for a cheaper price, they may not actually be  good for your health and are made in factories. You may be buying something that you have no idea what is in it.  

Outside view of the Costco at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor CT.
Outside view of the Costco at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor CT. (Eli Schwartzman)
Will Whole Foods Ruin Costco’s Business?

Is Costco in danger due to the new Whole Foods opening up in Evergreen walk? The Wholesale store has been a staple in South Windsor ever since it opened on November 16th of  2021, and is primarily known for their cost effective products and food court. 

Costco has a variety of food and merchandising products, from televisions to toiletries. Oftentimes, these items can be expensive retail, but because Costco is a wholesale club, members buy a lot at a time for a lower price than they would find in a local grocery store. 

They have a variety of options for bulk and cheap, especially protein shakes and bars which really helps get macros in for my diet

— Luke Taylor, a senior at South Windsor High School

Costco is also known for inexpensive,  ready-to-go options and their food court. There are several options at the Costco food court, such as the churro, pizza, chicken bake and much more. The food court is fast with their food, and it makes it convenient for anyone getting food on a short notice. 

“They have many cheap items, such as the rotisserie chicken, and the $1.50 hotdog at the food court. Those items make it very easy to get a lot of food for cheap,” said Senior Rayan Zaki, a Costco Enthusiast.

Along with the low prices, their gas prices for members are on average $0.20 cheaper than other gas companies. A membership to Costco used properly will easily pay for itself overtime. 

Overall, Costco offers low prices, great food, and amazing gas prices, which makes it a great place to shop. It will continue to be a staple in South Windsor, for years to come.

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