Remembering The Fallen

South Windsor honors the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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  • South Windsor community members make their way to the 2023 Memorial Day Parade.

  • South Windsor Fire Department members lead the 2023 Memorial Day Parade.

  • South Windsor Fire Department engines make their way down Pleasant Valley Road.

  • Town officers join South Windsor as they march in the Memorial Day Parade.

  • South Windsor Girl Scouts march in the Memorial Day Parade displaying comradery and leadership.

  • U.S. Marine forces march in the 2023 Memorial Day Parade in remembrance of their lost comrades.

  • South Windsor High Schools marching band makes an appearance at the 2023 Memorial Day Parade.

  • Past and present US Army members in South Windsor march in the Memorial Day Parade.

  • Marching in a line, South Windsor Fire Fighters join the 2023 Memorial Day Parade.

  • The 2023 Memorial Day Parade comes to a close as the South Windsor community makes its way to The Memorial Day Ceremony.

  • South Windsor town service officer speaks on the behalf of the fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    Kaleigh Aparo
  • Town service officer salutes WWII veterans after hanging a wreath on a gravestone.

    Kaleigh Aparo
  • The Combat Veterans Association poses for a photo after the Annual Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony.

    Kaleigh Aparo
  • Bouquets of flowers and American flags decorate Veterans Memorial Park in remembrance of the fallen soldiers.

    Kaleigh Aparo
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On Monday, May 31st, hundreds of South Windsor families made their way to Veterans Memorial Park to celebrate fallen soldiers. Each year, rain or shine, the South Windsor community comes together to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Applause echoed throughout the street, as South Windsor’s forces of law and order paraded through our beloved town.

At precisely 10 o’clock, the marching began. Leading the parade was the South Windsor Fire Department, marching in remembrance of their lost comrades.

It gives us an opportunity as a community to think about all the brave souls who lost their lives giving us the freedoms that we enjoy today.

— South Windsor Fire Chief, Kevin Cooney

With a flag in hand, Mayor Elizabeth Pendleton, State Representative Tom Delnicki, and Councilor Marek Kozikowski followed the various service vehicles. Marching alongside them, additional town officers displayed their gratitude for the fallen soldiers. 

Representing the South Windsor High School student body, was the student marching band. Music kept the crowd energetic as the US Army, Marines, and Air Force made their way down Pleasant Valley Road. Applause and words of admiration were offered to those currently serving our country. 

South Windsor Parks and Recreation, provided children of all ages with the opportunity to march in this year’s Memorial Day Parade. South Windsor works to promote the importance of community service as the Girl and Boy Scouts of South Windsor progressed through the parade. 

Spectators continued to line the streets, affirming South Windsor’s respectable community morals. The South Windsor Memorial Parade is looked forward to year-round by many families.

It gives you time to reflect on the people who have served our country and enjoy time with family and friends

— South Windsor resident Mark Smith

After the parade came to a conclusion, families reconvene at Veterans Memorial Park. At 11 o’clock, guest speakers shared their gratitude and memories with the South Windsor community. Wreaths were placed on the graves of honored soldiers, while the music rang through the park. Scouts placed over 900 flags in town cemeteries, honoring the fallen soldiers of Connecticut. 

The remembrance of those who paid the price of freedom will continue to hang in the air. Until the next Memorial Day Parade in 2024, when the South Windsor Community has the opportunity to honor the lost souls once again.