Upsets In March



The upsets have continued as the March Madness is not over yet, while the much awaited National Championship game awaits to be played.

Florida Atlantic upset Kansas State. No one saw them going this far, as Florida Atlantic was an underdog in their Elite Eight win.

 This was Florida Atlantic’s first Final Four in program history. This also makes them the third 9 seed in history to make it to the Final Four in the history of March Madness. 

“It’s crazy that a 9 seed is so good, you never see this,” said South Windsor High School junior, Ryan Fischer. The performance of FAU is shocking to all viewers, their deep skilled roster has been seemingly unstoppable in March.

The game was an electric back-and-forth style game that had the winner decided in the last few possessions.

“Although FAU played amazing, the one person that they couldn’t handle was Markquis Nowell of Kansas State,”  said South Windsor High School junior, Luke Taylor. Nowell seemed to control the game every single moment he had the ball. Even though his team may have lost, he still dropped an extremely impressive 30 points.

The most impressive performance of the night was from Florida Atlantic. They spread the scoring out throughout their roster much more than their opponent; they had four players drop a point total in the mid teens. The best performance from FAU was from Vladislov Goldin, who picked up 13 rebounds for the owls. All those solid performances helped propel FAU towards their upset win.

FAU’s next game is against a tough opponent, San Diego State on April 1st. SDSU is another team that can spread scoring throughout their roster and grind their opponents down to nothing. This will be a great matchup to determine who will go to the championship game.