Eliza Blanchfield

Eliza Blanchfield

Eliza Blanchfield, Editor

In 2020, The Promenade Shops at Evergreen walk rapidly lost the majority of their stores, leaving this shopping outlet almost empty. This year, the town of South Windsor is initiating renovations in an attempt to revert Evergreen to its original state.

However, questions are arising throughout the South Windsor community: how successful will this transition be? Many factors will be influenced by the expanding Promenade Shops. If South Windsor reaches its goal, this will mean the traffic flow into Evergreen will fluctuate swiftly.

The fast food restaurant, Shake Shack, had its grand opening on February 16th, 2023, signaling hundreds of new customers to track into Evergreen. The location of this restaurant caused Evergreen’s main entrance to become extremely congested. As Evergreen continues to develop, the difficulty entering Evergreen Walk will increase.

Taking away the excitement from customer’s shopping experiences, and causing inconveniences to the already existing complexes, stores, and neighborhoods surrounding Evergreen Walk.

To conclude, as South Windsor dumps money into this new project, memories of previously empty Evergreen settle in the back of our minds. There is always a possibility that Evergreen will revert back to its previous form.

Opening in late spring of 2023, stores such as Nike, Whole Foods, Goddard School, and J. Jill will occupy the empty buildings found in this shopping outlet. However, the additional stores will remain empty until other businesses decide to fill them. Leaving The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk looking incomplete for a prolonged period.