Poster revealing a Nike store will be arriving in South Windsor soon. (Eliza 1)
Poster revealing a Nike store will be arriving in South Windsor soon.

Eliza 1

Evergreen Walk 2.0

March 30, 2023

South Windsor’s controversial expansion of Evergreen Walk is set into motion. Opposing views offered by Sydney Main and Eliza Blanchfield will lay out the risks and rewards of Evergreen Walk’s new additions. 


Sydney Main

Sydney Main

Evergreen Walk is now starting to add stores to their shopping outlet. This would be extremely beneficial. There have been a loss of customers at Evergreen Walk since Covid-19. Adding more stores would make the shopping center more lively and would make the variety of stores much greater. Therefore, bringing in more customers and making the outlet a fun, family-friendly hangout/shopping spot.

It’s so important for a community to have a safe, lively space for people to have fun. Adding more stores would draw more families in and create a very personable, entertaining atmosphere. The food chain Shake Shack also recently opened at Evergreen and has since brought in many new customers and increased Evergreen’s livelihood. Having another restaurant in the outdoor outlets increases the variety of food so that there are several options for customers depending on their moods.

In addition to Costco, there is a Wholefoods being built. This will give a good alternative to how crowded Costco can become during rush hours. Having another grocery store besides Costco would make things so much more efficient for shoppers.

There is also word of a Nike store opening, which is extremely beneficial because the nearest Nike store is 38 miles away in Clinton, CT. With Evergreen being in South Windsor, it makes it so whatever stores are in that outlet are automatically more accessible than others.

Overall, adding new stores to Evergreen Walk is extremely beneficial in terms of atmosphere, livelihood, variety of stores, and alternative shopping options.

About the Writer
Photo of Sydney Main
Sydney Main, Staff Writer

Sydney Main is a freshman at SWHS. She enjoys listening to music, reading and hanging out with friends. Main plays volleyball for the school in the fall and club season in the spring. She enjoys writing...


Eliza Blanchfield

Eliza Blanchfield

In 2020, The Promenade Shops at Evergreen walk rapidly lost the majority of their stores, leaving this shopping outlet almost empty. This year, the town of South Windsor is initiating renovations in an attempt to revert Evergreen to its original state.

However, questions are arising throughout the South Windsor community: how successful will this transition be? Many factors will be influenced by the expanding Promenade Shops. If South Windsor reaches its goal, this will mean the traffic flow into Evergreen will fluctuate swiftly.

The fast food restaurant, Shake Shack, had its grand opening on February 16th, 2023, signaling hundreds of new customers to track into Evergreen. The location of this restaurant caused Evergreen’s main entrance to become extremely congested. As Evergreen continues to develop, the difficulty entering Evergreen Walk will increase.

Taking away the excitement from customer’s shopping experiences, and causing inconveniences to the already existing complexes, stores, and neighborhoods surrounding Evergreen Walk.

To conclude, as South Windsor dumps money into this new project, memories of previously empty Evergreen settle in the back of our minds. There is always a possibility that Evergreen will revert back to its previous form.

Opening in late spring of 2023, stores such as Nike, Whole Foods, Goddard School, and J. Jill will occupy the empty buildings found in this shopping outlet. However, the additional stores will remain empty until other businesses decide to fill them. Leaving The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk looking incomplete for a prolonged period. 

About the Writer
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Eliza Blanchfield, Editor

Eliza Blanchfield is a South Windsor High School sophomore excited to write for The Bobcat Prowl. During her sophomore year, she looks forward to reporting on the many controversial topics at South Windsor...

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