Rihanna’s ‘Big’ Performance at Super Bowl LVII


Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Rihanna on a movable stage performing at Super Bowl LVII .

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The Eagles and Chiefs faced off on February 12 at 6:30 pm in Glendale, Arizona. This is a very exciting day for football fans around the world. For non-fans, this is a day to enjoy Super Bowl parties and wait for that year’s grand halftime show.

This year, singer and entrepreneur Rihanna put on a performance during the halftime show, and many fans have varied opinions about it. 

“The worst halftime show ever,” said sophomore Adam Albaghdi. Student opinion shows that the younger demographic of teens didn’t enjoy the halftime show as much as the older teens. 

“I thought the stage reminded me of the Super Smash Bros game by Nintendo, and her performance was very nostalgic for me and reminded me much of the past when I listened to her songs with my mom in the car,” explained sophomore Nihaal Thakran. 

Opinion shows that if Rihanna had done what Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg had done the previous year by having a surprise artist, the halftime show would have been better. Other people agreed that if Rihanna had collaborated with other artists her show could have been much better. “The Super Bowl halftime show was good. Coulda been better if she added Jay Z” sophomore Will Castelhano added.

 Maybe if she had brought Jay Z on stage to perform their collab hit song Umbrella with her, public opinion would have been more positive. 

Other than students, Rihanna’s performance caught the attention of one user on Twitter. “Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance is going down as one of the most BORING performances in history just disrespectful 😭my eyes,”. While this review is harsh, this proves that this years super bowl halftime show was pretty average.