Hundreds Take Action Following Mark Twain House Vandalization

The Mark Twain House has been the target of multiple vandalism incidents in the past few weeks. The house is located in Hartford, Connecticut.


The Mark Twain House has been the target of multiple vandalism incidents in the past few weeks. The house is located in Hartford, Connecticut.

Recently, unidentified vandals significantly damaged the Mark Twain House in Hartford on three separate occurrences, using rocks and bricks.

The incidents resulted in the shattering of various windows, and caused a historical marble statue known as the Venus de Medici to become chipped.

According to CT Insider, the building faced $20,000+ in damage.

The three incidents occurred on December 23rd, January 1st, and January 3rd.

Piter Roos is the proud Executive Director of the Mark Twain House. ¨There are 70 people who work at the museum, and we spend thousands of hours every year trying to make this the best place we can. Almost 80,000 people a year visit from around the country and around the world,¨ Roos explained.

After becoming aware of the recent vandalization, Roos told the Prowl, ¨It is discouraging to think there are people who care so little that they would throw rocks through the windows for the fun of it.¨

The Mark Twain Home was built in 1874 by Sam and Olivia Clemens and has been one of the most known and celebrated American Museums since. A distinguished author of many American classics including “Tom Sawyer”, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, and “Life On The Mississippi River”, Twain moved to Hartford, CT to become closer to his publisher. It was in this house that he would write some of his most famous works. 

The house stands as not just a museum of Twain’s work but as a house of creativity, of culture and of art. That is why this place is so important to the people in and outside of Hartford, who are committed to taking action following these events.

Shortly after the final January 3rd incident, the Mark Twain House and Museum quickly set up a Go-fund me with a Goal of raising $25,000. 

As of Jan 30th, the fundraiser has raised an extra $3,500 over that goal. 

¨We are all so grateful for the funding. There were 512 donations that came from all over the country. Despite the actions of a few bad actors, once again it shows how many people value this place and what Mark Twain did here,¨ said Roos.

With donations flooding in from not just the local community but from all over America, it is clear that America as a whole respects and recognizes Mark Twain as an important figure.

¨Mark Twain was an amazing person and a very progressive figure in American history, really one of America’s biggest and most original thinkers. This museum will represent him for a long time, so we want to move on with bringing a repaired museum back¨ Roos added.

Just over a month after vandalism incidents, the Mark Twain home has been repaired and is open for touring again. Through the works and contributions from the museum community, it has been assured that the home’s quaint and old appearance, embellished architecture, and remarkable history will continue to be preserved for years to come. 

Link to the GoFundMe to support the Twain House. 

¨Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest¨-Mark Twain