First Openly Trans Man Elected for State Legislature

Governor-Elect James Roesener

Concord Monitor

Governor-Elect James Roesener

New Hampshire has elected their first openly trans state representative, claiming a victory for trans people everywhere. 26-year-old James Roesener will serve in the 22nd house district, ward 8 in Concord. 

“I believe that it is imperative that all individuals have the ability to thrive in New Hampshire. We need a leadership that is invested in defending the freedom all people by taking away barriers to shelter, education, healthcare, voting, and other basic necessities for a quality life” said Roesener. 

Roesener was elected in a time where there has been an onslaught of trans bills being put in place. Being trans himself, he felt that it was a “no brainer” for him to run for state representative, giving trans people the visibility in the state that they need. Despite the anti-trans bills being passed, he says that “we’re not going anywhere”.  

Recently he has turned his focus to LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, as well as disability policies.

Even before being elected, Roesener spoke with NHPR at a reproductive rights rally in July. “It (6 week abortion ban) criminalizes and reduces access to everyone, for those who utilize contraception, those who need hormone replacement therapy — that is not just transgender people — and those whose well-being relies on medications deemed abortifacients” said Roesener.

His work will start in January, when the legislative session comes back together.