Meet the Third Parties Running Midterm Candidates


Max Schwartzman

Animal silhouettes laid out as the American flag.

With the Midterms just around the corner, many Americans are making their final decisions on who to vote for. However, most Americans only think of the Republican and Democratic parties, not even realizing that there are many smaller parties that might better align with their personal preferences. 

The Bobcat Prowl reached out to these smaller parties running candidates in our state, here’s what you should know about them. 


The Independent Party: 

Billing itself as separate from the others, the Independent party is neither politically left nor right. The party is running candidates for Governor, the House of Representatives, the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, and the state Treasurer. 

“We want to be problem solvers, not bomb throwers,” Michael Telesca, the Chairman of the CT Independent Party wrote in an email.“Offering better solutions has to be what is best to do for the voters and what can everybody concerned live with.” 

According to the party’s bylaws, the Independent Party “has been established to provide all Connecticut residents an alternative political organization dedicated to ensuring open, honest government, with realistic objectives.” 


The Unified Community Party:

Formed by current and former local officials, the Unified Community Party (UCP) supports the South Windsor community without thought to national politics. The party is currently running a candidate for the Connecticut State Senate. 

“Time and time again policies, initiatives, and even public debates were completely stopped dead in their tracks thanks to people sticking the same old party line or refusing to hear differing opinions,” wrote Art Adduci, the Chairperson of the UCP. “We believe we are all neighbors with the same basic goal of living in a wonderful town surrounded by wonderful people and we need to bring the same civility we share with our neighbors to town hall.”

The party’s core principles are community service, collaborating with neighbors, supporting South Windsor’s schools, and sustainable growth for the town. 


Libertarian Party:

Based on its core principle, the Libertarian Party is entirely focused on the ideas of liberty. The party is currently running candidates for the House of Representatives, Governor, and the state Treasurer. 

“Our party is founded on basic principles of liberty: each person owns his or herself.” Steve Dincher, the Chair of the Libertarian Party of CT wrote in an email. “Each person can own justly acquired tangible property. And no one, not even governments, may use violence or threats of violence to coerce anyone else or damage their property.” 

Put simply, the party is primarily in favor of personal independence and a lessening of authority over oneself. 



Despite their small size, the third parties of Connecticut and the United States are all working hard to further the interests of and support their voters while also serving as secondary options from the two major parties. So while you, your friends, and family are heading to the polling places, just remember the other great parties of our state.