Sprite Cranberry for Lebanon Carols to Raises over $1,100 for Lebanese Disaster Relief

Sprite Cranberry for Lebanon Carols to Raises over $1,100 for Lebanese Disaster Relief

Andrew Kotait, Writer


 Over the holidays a small group of South Windsor students called ¨Sprite Cranberry ” traveled around the town of South Windsor caroling and collecting donations to help Lebanon rehabilitate from the massive explosion on August 4th. 

On August 4th, the city of Beirut, Lebanon suffered an explosion that destroyed over 1,500 homes and took the lives of more than 350 people. The country is still recovering from this tragic event while fighting an economic crisis and global pandemic.

 Senior high school students Andrew Kotait and Noaj Pichay decided to assemble a great group of guys from the South Windsor High School choir to go caroling around the town and accept donations for the Lebanese Red Cross. The students who helped include Ishayu Ray, Sean Banducci, Jayvian Geranimo, and Will Harper.

 The group hit over 25 houses in the span of 4 days singing classics such as Last Christmas, Hallelujah, and Everyday like its Christmas. Ishayu Ray, a junior in the group, was very pleased with the work they put in. 

¨I honestly cannot believe how well this project turned out,¨ says Ishayu. ¨We made over 1,100 dollars and all that money is going to go to an amazing cause.¨
The group as a whole worked incredibly hard to prepare the best quality music for the town, ¨It was definitely challenging to prepare,¨ says Noah Pichay. ¨However we were so passionate about the work we were doing and why we were doing it that we were determined to give it our all and provide the best show we could as performers.¨

As for the future of Sprite Cranberry, the boys have expressed interest in doing a project like this again, the future looks bright for these boys and this is just the beginning.