Elseworlds Crossover Takes TV By Storm


Jillian Thibodeau, Editor

For the third year in a row, the Arrow universe of DC comics is coming together for another crossover. The crossover will include characters from the shows Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash. However, this year’s crossover will be nothing like the years before. The writers of the three TV shows have stepped up their game and come up with a totally new storyline for the three night event.

The title of the crossover “series” is called Elseworlds and multiple trailers have been put out to hype it up, as well as brief summaries of what each episode will entail. The conflict of what the crossover is based on is that the Flash/Barry Allen, and the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, have switched lives and no one knows it except for themselves. The two of them tell team Flash about the mishap, but no one believes them. So, they set off to find Supergirl/Kara Danvers on her Earth (Earth-38) to get some outside help, and to find out what changed the timeline and caused them to switch bodies.

Melissa Benoist (left), Tyler Hoechlin (middle), and Elizabeth Tulloch (right)

When they are on Supergirl’s Earth, they go to Smallville to meet Superman and his wife Lois Lane, who is played by Elizabeth Tulloch. Lois Lane has never been in the world of DC television until now, and fans finally get to see Lois Lane and Clark Kent together as a couple. We may not know much about what the trio does in Smallville, but many are excited to see Lois Lane instead of just hearing Clark mentioning her every once in a while.

To Continue on, in the second episode of the crossover, Gotham City is introduced to the Arrowverse (Arrow Universe) and so is Batwoman played by actress Ruby Rose. All we know about this adaptation of Gotham City is that it isn’t a great city. The co-creator of the Arrowverse has described Gotham as “a dead city” and “practically a ghost town,” which must mean that not much happens there. Additionally, it was leaked that Batman is nowhere to be seen in Gotham, and Batwoman has taken his place protecting the city. So, when Supergirl, Arrow, and Flash arrive in Gotham City, it is said that Batwoman, who is also known as Kate Kane, will help them find out who switched their bodies.

Finally in the last episode of the crossover, there is the huge battle where the Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, and Superman are all fighting the villain. This is really the only thing that has been released about the episode, but we still can’t help being excited for it because fans know it will be epic. Similar to the way that students at South Windsor High School think that the whole crossover will be great. 

Ruby Rose as Batwoman in Elseworlds Crossover.

After students watched the trailer they gave a lot of positive feedback. Junior Molly Cole states that,“I’m most excited to see The Flash and Arrow switch, and seeing new characters like Batwoman.” Cole also mentioned that,“It’s always cool to see new characters and cities introduced into the Arrowverse.” However even though sophomore Abby Weiner will be watching Elseworlds when it airs, she says that,“I feel that they didn’t do the crossover justice.” 

No matter what people may think of the trailers for this year’s crossover, fans are definitely  looking forward to watching the Elseworlds on Sunday December 9th, Monday December 10th, and Tuesday December 11th on the CW at 8:00pm.