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Class of ‘24 Helps Class of ‘27

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  • Ninth grade students attend a meeting on January 22nd during Bobcat Block.

  • Ninth grade students assembled for a meeting with the class of 2024 on how to be successful in high school.

  • Senior Kevin Joseph introduces the class of 2024 mentors, a group comprised of student leaders in SWHS.

  • Honors organizations such as NHS are explained to 9th graders at a Bobcat Block meeting.

  • Senior Manasa Puvvala speaks to 9th graders about the importance of academics in high school.

  • Mr. Rizzuto introduces the class of 2024 mentors during the assembly to 9th graders on January 22nd.

  • Senior Finn Jennings speaks to the 9th grade class about academics and extracurriculars.

  • Seniors Kevin Joseph and Angelina Belizzi present to the 9th grade class.

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Senior student leaders held an assembly on January 22nd, giving advice to the 9th grade class just beginning their high school journey. This discussion included how to prepare for exams, the importance of diverse course loads, and the importance of extracurricular activities. 

The seniors spread their word of wisdom by telling the 9th graders not to wait until the last minute to study, emphasizing that midterms are no joke and that semester grades depend on them. Midterms are a new experience for the new class of ‘27, with many not knowing what to expect or how to prepare for this experience. 

“This presentation helped me excel in my knowledge and grow my confidence as I continue my years in high school,” 9th grader Abbigail Harrington said.  

The general feeling in the room was that ninth grade students enjoyed this presentation and that the information helped them realize how extracurriculars aren’t just something people do for fun: it’s something that you do for a good looking resume, for colleges, and for fun. 

Seniors shared advice on what the class of ’27 will need to do for a successful future.

“As a new resident here at South Windsor, this presentation taught me a lot about the resources available and exposed me to many different opportunities about South Windsor High School,” 9th grader Zeinab Zeinab explained.

Senior Class President Angelina Bellizzi talked about how it’s necessary to help the younger generation. This helped the students relieve stress and realize that older students were there to help them.

“We decided to do this presentation to pass our wisdom of high school onto the younger generations, so they can have someone to lead them the way on this new journey,” Senior Class President Angelina Bellizzi told The Prowl. “We also did this presentation for the students who don’t have parents who know about this kind of information.”

Senior Brian Murdoch also spoke about passing down what he believes about academics and what he wished he had been told when he was younger. 

“The message we want to embody is to spread wisdom to the younger generations. This is what this presentation was all about,” senior Brian Murdoch said.

The upperclassmen  genuinely care about the entire school environment and enjoyed spreading their word and wisdom to the 9th graders who are just starting their journey, marking an amazing experience for both the seniors and 9th graders. 


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