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Featured Athlete: Caden Johnson

Eli Schwartzman
Senior Caden Johnson discusses his motivation on the field and his inspiration for beginning his career in football.

Prowl: How would you describe your playing style, and what are your greatest strengths on the field?

Johnson: “I think that I’m a pretty physical player and that I’m not afraid of contact. I also stay composed in tough situations and can be a good leader on the field.” 

Prowl: What do you think sets football apart from other sports?

Johnson: “I would say the family feeling of football. No other sport creates the same type of bond that football creates.” 

Prowl: How do you balance academics and athletics during football season?

Johnson: “I make sure to do all my school work while in school, and then after football, I make sure I get any work done that was assigned to me or I didn’t finish.” 

Prowl: What do you think is the most important quality for a successful football team?

Johnson: “In my opinion, the most important quality of a football team is team chemistry. If you have team chemistry, people will get along, and you can communicate better. You will have teammates who really want to play hard in big and tough situations.” 

Prowl: How do you contribute to the team as a player?

Johnson: “I feel I’m a leader for this team, and I give my 100% best at all times.”

Prowl: Why do you enjoy playing football, and what motivates you to continue playing at a high level?

Johnson: “Football has just been my favorite sport since 3rd grade, and all the people around me who I play with really give me the passion to play.” 

Prowl: What or who influenced you for your passion for football and your desire to grow in the sport? 

Johnson: “Football has been around me my whole life. When I was younger, I used to watch my cousin play football in high school, and I think that’s where I really wanted to play.”

Prowl: Can you talk about a time when you faced a challenge as a football player and how you overcame it?

Johnson: “Our last season we didn’t do very well going 1-9. Personally, I’ve been trying my best to get a better record this year by playing to my best ability since it was a bad year last year. This is sorta a challenge the whole team had to face and we’re still facing it today since the season isn’t over and we still have games to win.” 

Prowl: What type of life lessons has football taught you? 

Johnson: “Everything takes hard work and determination and nothing is going to come easy; you need to work for it.” 

Prowl: What is your favorite part of football season?

Johnson: “Just playing with all my teammates and coaches and enjoying that time with them.” 

Prowl: What is your plan after high school?

Johnson: “Possibility I might go into the military or just going to college for criminal justice.” 


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