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Featured Athlete: Annabel Ambooken

Mr. Ambooken
on the girls JV soccer team, freshman Annabel Ambooken steals the ball from a defender.

Prowl: What got you into soccer? 

 Ambooken: “I started playing soccer because I had tried many different sports before, and it was really the right thing for me. I was in 4th grade. I tried tennis, swimming, and dancing. But I never really loved any of these sports, so in 4th grade, I decided to try out soccer because I was ready to try anything at this point. And finally, I found a sport I really loved.” 

Prowl: How do you contribute to the team as a player?

Ambooken: “I contribute to the team as a player because I try to keep everyone motivated even if the score is not good for our team. And I try my best to be a team player by passing to everyone, giving everyone chances to score without being selfish with the ball.” 

Prowl: How do you balance your academic life and your athletic life?

Ambooken: “I have set times for my school work and some time for practicing soccer. This way I’m not getting overwhelmed with the things I have to do, and I am able to enjoy these things separately.”

Prowl: How do you prepare physically and mentally for a game?

Ambooken: “Before a game, I always do the warm-up stretch and things that I can get a fast touch on the ball, this way I am ready for the game. Mentally, I try to be motivating to myself, and even when I don’t think I’m doing good, I try to stay positive.” 

Prowl: What positions do you play and what are the key responsibilities?

Ambooken: “I play all positions except Center Forward. But my favorite position to play is Left Mid. For mid, you are in the middle of offense and defense if you have to help score a goal and get back on defense to defend. It requires a lot of running back and forth, and it is a risky place to get the ball taken away from. So, I need to make sure to keep the ball with our team.”

Prowl: What are some of the most important skills for a successful player and team in soccer? 

Ambooken: “I think it is important to be open in a sports team because you have to admit that you are wrong sometimes and be open to new ideas. Also, working as a team player by being kind is crucial because if not it will be harder for you to actually become a part of the team and connect with your teammates.”

Prowl: What do you think sets soccer apart from other sports?

Ambooken: “I think soccer is different from other sports because soccer requires you to be individually good and shine by yourself, yet contribute to the bigger picture, the game. And I think soccer is an easy game to understand because of the minimal and simple rules, unlike some other sports. But that doesn’t mean it is easier to achieve the best.”

Prowl: What is your biggest challenge as a soccer player, and how do you overcome it?

Ambooken: “I think my biggest challenge as a soccer player was to keep up with others because I started soccer at a later age than many other people, so it kind of set me back. But I wanted to be better, so I practiced more to get to where I am now.” 

Prowl: What motivated you to keep pushing yourself on the field?

Ambooken: “I was motivated to keep pushing myself on the field because I always want to make my parents proud, so I try not to let myself give up even when I want to, so I keep on pushing until the last whistle.” 

Prowl: What is your goal for the future of your soccer career?

Ambooken: “I don’t really know about what my soccer future is going to look like, but I really want to play college soccer. If not, that’s okay because I’ll find a different way to play because I love soccer.” 


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