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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Zaccardelli

Maria Verly
Mrs. Zaccardelli teaches Italian at South Windsor High School. She continues to teach students how to celebrate language.

Prowl: Why did you choose to become an Italian teacher?

Ms. Zaccardelli: “I originally was a French and Spanish teacher, and I could also teach Russian, which I did but I was certified to teach Italian which is my first language. So I was teaching French and Spanish at Timothy Edwards in 8th grade and the curricular specialist kept asking me to come up to the High School. I liked teaching middle school but eventually the Italian teacher that was here ended up retiring so (I came up) here and I love it.”

Prowl: Which one is your favorite to teach? 

Ms. Zaccardelli: “Probably Italian since it is the nearest and dearest to my heart.”

Prowl: Since you are the one taking care of the Italian Club. I have a few questions about it. When is the next meeting?

Ms. Zaccardelli: “Our next meeting will be November 15th. We will be watching a movie in Italian, playing some Italian games, and eating some Italian food.”

Prowl: What is the goal of the Italian club?

Ms. Zaccardelli: “The goal of the Italian club is to teach students not only the ones that take Italian, but anybody who would want to join, some of the beautiful things about Italian culture. Some of the games people play and some of the words just to share the Italian culture and the love of food, getting together, and celebrations.”

Prowl: What is your favorite part about teaching not only Italian but also different languages?

Ms. Zaccardelli: “I basically get paid to have fun with kids. It’s just fun to be  creative. I like to see kids getting excited about being able to speak another language because I have always liked languages, ever since I was little, so sharing my love of language, sharing my love of cultures and [I enjoy] seeing kids’ worlds just open up because of it.”

Prowl: What is your favorite topic to teach? 

Ms. Zaccardelli: “I like them all, but I think the kids enjoy when we learn about food and celebrations so that becomes exciting for me too.”

Prowl: Is there anything you would like to say to anyone that might take Italian or any of the other languages you teach? 

Ms. Zaccardelli: “Learning a new language just opens up your life in a lot of ways. It helps you to open your mind and show different ways to look at things, and I think it just makes the world a bigger place for you and a better place and a more exciting place. Also, to know that the majority of the rest of the world speak more than one language.” 


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