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Featured Athlete: Angelina Bellizzi

Eli Schwartzman
Senior Angelina Bellizzi hits the ball to start the play in the game against Southington. The Bobcats won the game 4-3.

Prowl: How would you describe your playing style and what are your greatest strengths on the field?

Bellizzi: My playing style consists of being there before the offender. As a defender, it’s important to know where the ball is going to be at all times. That way, I can be there ready to receive or defend before the ball gets to me.

Prowl: What do you think sets field hockey apart from other sports?

Bellizzi: Field hockey is a very satisfying sport. It’s a lot of running for every player. It’s a quick pass and go sport. There is not a lot of time for someone to hold the ball.

Prowl: How do you balance academics and athletics during field hockey season?

Bellizzi: With the new schedule it has been easier for me to complete classwork and homework while still in school, but it can be difficult sometimes to be a student athlete. I live on a daily routine, and I always eat before practice and sneak a 15 minute nap right after school because health and energy are very important. I usually do any studying or homework after practice so typically around 8.

Prowl: What do you think is the most important quality for a successful field hockey team?

Bellizzi: Field Hockey is not a sport where one player can carry the team. Sure, certain people can make a big impact on the team, but having a large group of players get along and work together would benefit far greater than one player carrying. To get down the field, there should be players helping each other out the whole way.

Prowl: How do you contribute to the team as a player?

Bellizzi: I think I bring a lot of fun energy onto the team. It’s hard to be sad, stressed, or angry when you’re surrounded by your best friends. I think I can make my teammates laugh accompanied by my bold personality.

Prowl: Why do you enjoy playing field hockey, and what motivates you to continue playing at a high level?

Bellizzi: I enjoy playing field hockey because I like the exercise, my teammates, and the sport. A sport is different from regular exercise because it gives you something to look forward to or want to improve for; there is a sense of competition.

Prowl: What of who influenced you for your passion for field hockey and your desire to grow in the sport? 

Bellizzi: I believe that I have a strong passion for pushing my ability to the max. The worst thing is wasted potential, so when I think I can do something, I want to do it all the way. With field hockey, I know I can become a better player each day, so I push myself to.

Prowl: Can you talk about a time when you faced a challenge as a field hockey player and how you overcame it?

Bellizzi: Switching from lacrosse to field hockey defensively was tough because they both offer different ways to do things. Lacrosse starts in late November, so I have to remember that I can kick the ball in lacrosse but I can’t kick it in field hockey. Small to big things that differ between sports can cause conflict.

Prowl: What type of life lessons has field hockey taught you? 

Bellizzi: Field hockey taught me to never stop trying. I feel that from last year I’ve made a lot of improvement as a player, and that’s just with consistency. Good things come to those who wait and work hard.

Prowl: What is your favorite part of field hockey season?

Bellizzi: I love our Halloween practice where we all dress up in costumes for practice. Or our annual Pink Out game where we host a bake sale, and the proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer Research. We wear a pink jersey and put stickers and pink hairspray and hair ties in our hair. It’s just a lot of fun.

Prowl: What is your plan after high school?

Bellizzi: After high school, I plan on studying nursing at a university for four years.

Senior Angelina Belizzi on the field playing defense against Southington. (Eli Schwartzman)


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