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New Schedule at South Windsor High School

Ryan Rhaman
With longer class periods, students have more opportunities to work collaboratively during class time. Above is an example of a class being focused in the longer periods.

A new schedule was implemented at South Windsor High School for the 2023-2024 school year, changing from the previous drop schedule to a new block schedule. This is the first time students have experienced a schedule like this, and it was definitely a big change. 

 SW students now have 4 classes a day instead of the 6, and a new period called Bobcat Block, which replaced homeroom. 

The biggest change is class lengths. There used to be 55 minute classes, but now there are fewer classes throughout the day, but  they have increased to 77 minutes. 

Students of SWHS  have mixed feelings about the new schedule.

The days feel shorter, and I get more work done, and I also feel like I’ve been learning more

— Senior Zach Bossy

Many students are saying that with fewer classes throughout the day, the days go by faster. Longer classes allow for more concentrated work to be done in a shorter period of time rather than it being spread out throughout the week, which may be the reason for some students’ successes.

Senior Jordyn Boland, told The Prowl, “I feel like I can’t focus for [a] whole period, when it’s just a constant lecture, but it’s easier to get classwork done resulting in less homework.” 

On the other hand, it seems as though some students are having trouble focusing for the whole class due to the longer periods, resulting in less efficiency.

“Focusing on only 4 classes has been much more simple, though, for teachers who have been working with the old schedule for a while, it’s a hard change to make given that their ways are already set in stone,” AP Calculus teacher, Mrs. Devassy told The Prowl

AP teachers have a much harder time adjusting to the schedule, as they have a set curriculum they have to teach, which they cannot change resulting in their time management of classes to be shifted dramatically. The positive though is they have overall less classes to worry about in a day.

“Longer times for labs and if planned accordingly there are more flexible lessons in class, but something that is hard is the difference in my schedules with one day being easy and one day being hard,” ECE Environmental Sciences teacher Mrs. Field explained. 

With longer classes, you have more time to get longer projects or in Mrs. Field’s case, get labs done. With there also being only two set schedules, there can be some real duality with the schedules leading to difference in effort each day. 

Overall, it seems as though the new schedule has its benefits and downsides, as most things do in life.

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