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Annual Fun at the Fair

The 131st annual Wapping Fair took place from Sept. 7th-10th.
The Wapping Fairs petting zoo allows people of all ages to feed and see baby animals such as cows, pigs and sheep.
Mrs. Daniella Briggs
The Wapping Fair’s petting zoo allows people of all ages to feed and see baby animals such as cows, pigs and sheep.

The first ever Wapping Fair was held in 1892. The main goal of this fair was to help fund the Wapping District School. With years with no fair, in 1945, the fair had a comeback to commemorate South Windsor’s 100 year anniversary. 

But it was only in the late 40’s that the fair grew, and gained more popularity after becoming a part of the Wapping Church. During that time, the fair had two major events which were a parade that had doodlebugs and a contest for the best decorated bicycles and doll carriages. The other big event of the fair was the public supper that was served Friday evening in the community house. 

I like the fun activities that are provided.

— SWHS senior Nabila Alqadumi

“I also like that we can go with friends and family,” said Senior Nabila Alqadumi. Nowadays, the fair has many different activities for you to do such as the petting zoo and the different rides you can go on. 

Fair goers can stop and hold a baby chick in their hands at the Wapping Fair. (Mrs. Daniella Briggs)

In 1952, due to the increasing popularity, the Wapping Fair had to change locations. It was held at the Hall Grove, but in the mid 60’s the fair had changed location once again. This time, going to the Wapping Elementary School. Since the Fair had become very popular, the Wapping Grange could no longer manage the fair alone.  They eventually joined forces with the South Windsor Jaycees,  a community service organization.

In the late 60’s, they had to change location once again after South Windsor High School started using the Wapping School as an annex forcing the Fair to move locations to the Zagorski Park.

“It’s always fun going to the fair with my friends. I love the food and going on the rides. It’s an experience that every South Windsor resident should be able to go to,” said Junior Rhea Hossain. 

In the early 70’s, The Wapping Grange wanted to give up on the Wapping fair completely. The South Windsor Jaycees could not take care of the fair on their own, so they became partners with the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s organization that helps in providing financial aid to members and their families, but their partnership only lasted two years. Then, in 1976, The South Windsor Historical Commission wanted to work with the fair to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States.

In 1992, South Windsor celebrated the 100th anniversary of The Wapping Fair. Ever since 1992 the fair has been happening every year with the exception of 2020 because of COVID-19. 

2017 was the year that the Fair moved to their current location at the Fairground at Rye Street Park on Brookfield Street.

Logan and Owen Briggs pose for a photo in front of the alpacas at the Fair. (Mrs. Daniella Briggs)

Loved by many people throughout its history, the Wapping Fair has maintained itself as an important part of South Windsor history, and it shows no sign of leaving anytime soon because every year the fair has only become more popular. 


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