2023 World Summit

The World Summit is a meeting between all the Modern World History classes. Students are put in  groups of four to complete research on the economics, politics, and people of a particular country.

The goal of The World Summit is to get students to debate an issue.  For four hours students work collaboratively to solve an issue that impacts their particular country. 

The World Summit happens every year at SWHS, but because of Covid, the event had been paused since 2020. 

This year’s question was: Should sporting competition be monitored by the UN to ensure that human rights are being protected? 

This question was chosen because of sporting events like the World Cup and Olympics. During the construction of these events, corruption can take the form of fake construction. It also forces students to question if a country’s political behavior should be reason to eliminate an athlete to be a part of the games. Essentially, should politics be mixed with these events? 

For example, should Russian athletes be allowed to participate in the Olympics next year since Russia attacked Ukraine? If they are allowed to be a part of the games, should they go under another flag or can they represent Russia?

If the United Nations monitor that, what would that look like?