Banding Together to Provide Clean Water

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  • SWHS senior Tanmayee Maddula formed Water Launch Club in 2021 to work in collaboration with the Water Project.

  • Water Launch Club bracelets on sale for two dollars each being sold at fundraisers.

  • Info sheets and QR codes linked to information about the club and Water Project’s cause.

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SWHS’s Water Launch Club is making a difference in the world by raising money to provide clean water for African villages. The club raises money through monthly fundraisers, and this year’s goal was raising at least $5,000. The club partners with The Water Project, an organization that collects money and puts it toward their goal. As a team, they work together to educate people about water, its importance, and hygiene to ensure that everyone has access to basic necessities. This club is independent, but many of the students in the club actively communicate with the Water Project’s employees.

Having participated in fundraisers from a young age, Tanmayee Maddula (senior) formed Water Launch Club in 2021. Her passion for helping people built the foundation for the accomplishments achieved by the club. She shared her determination to make a difference globally with the other club members, and together, their compassion and dedication to making the world a better place resulted in active participation in fundraising, leadership, and social media, where they learned about advertising and handling money. With strong leadership from Maddula, this club will continue to raise awareness and improve people’s lives worldwide.

One of the key aspects of this club is its partnership with the Water Project. While raising money, the organization puts it towards specific causes like transporting clean water to targeted places like the Sierra Leon or Côte d’Ivoire. The money could also be used for different distinct projects like building wells or giving lessons about hygiene effectively providing both education and clean water.

Most recently, the club held a full-day donation drive at Stop & Shop in November, citing a goal of raising $1000 just that day.

“Yeah, we raised quite a bit [this year],” leader Maddala proudly remarks. “We’ve raised around $1,400 so far. We made posters and we had QR codes that went directly to the project campaign link where [people] can donate online. We also got bracelets, 500 bracelets for like 20 dollars, and sold those for two dollars each for the cause.”

Yeah, we raised quite a bit [this year]

— club leader senior Tanmayee Maddula

SWHS’s Water Launch Club is making significant strides in the world by raising funds to provide clean water to communities in need. Despite a few challenges, the student-led organization has demonstrated dedication and creativity in their fundraising efforts, including organizing events at local stores and selling bracelets to raise money.

Their future goal is to continue to spread awareness of the importance of clean water while fundraising to benefit more communities and villages in African countries. Through their mission, the members of this club have learned valuable lessons about leadership, teamwork, and the power of philanthropy to make a positive difference in the world so make sure to keep an eye out for future fundraisers.