Goodbye, Pleasant Valley

Wednesday, May 31st was the old Pleasant Valley building´s Open House and a time to say goodbye.


Maanya Pande

Pleasant Valley’s library where students came for specials rotations.

The town of South Windsor began new construction for their elementary schools in 2016-2017, starting with Wapping Elementary. Now, it has come full circle as Pleasant Valley, the last of the elementary schools, has finished construction and will be open starting the 2023-2024 school year.

As a way to commemorate the years and memories that are such a big part of this school, there was an ´Open House´ held from 4-7:30 pm on May 31st, where the school was made open for everyone to walk through classrooms, scroll through yearbooks and reflect on their experience at the school.

Individuals of all ages attended, from current students to high schoolers and even a handful of adults came to look back and notice how the school has changed throughout the years.

It looks so much smaller now that I´m not 10 years old anymore.

— SWHS junior Anushri Sandeep

In the cafeteria, yearbooks were set up, with photos from every class of a specific year, dating all the way back to the 1990´s. Many former students enjoyed leafing through these and finding photos of their younger selves.

¨I seriously can’t believe that’s me; it feels like a whole other person,” said a South Windsor resident. The photos, while potentially embarrassing or amusing, definitely brought out feelings of nostalgia in most.

Pleasant Valley has been around since 1966, and has very deep roots in the community. Lots of teachers and students themselves went to Pleasant Valley or even had other family member connections to the school.


Pleasant Valley mural drawn by students and teachers in 2015. (Maanya Pande).

¨My great-uncle actually worked as a gym teacher here, around 50 years ago,¨ said Alyssa Drenga, a PV alum herself.

Walking down memory lane was an emotional but happy journey, and the new school is going to get its own opportunity for new memories. The school´s projected last day of school is June 14th and the new building will be open for use starting the fall 2023 school year.