Time For Trivia!



Bridget Hoffman, Mr. Hoffman, Ms. Cliff, Ms. Davis, and Mr. Rizzuto won first place at SWHS’s Annual Trivia Night held on Friday, March 31st.

On March 31st, South Windsor High School’s student council hosted its annual Trivia Night. There were eight categories for trivia: celebrities, sports, school history, school subjects, food, music, movies, T.V. shows, and teachers. Raffle prizes included gift cards to awesome places were announced throughout the night.

Student council was in charge of running Trivia Night and did a great job! While some student council members kept track of the scores, others were assigned to tables and had to submit the trivia groups answers to the members keeping track of the scores.

“This is a night that can bring all types of students together while having such a fun night!” said Haley Deptula, Student Council’s Secretary. 

Haley Ulligner who is student councils adviser and a social studies/seminar teacher helped student council run trivia night. “Trivia Night is such a great way to get students and staff hyped up about a school event!” said Ullinger. 

“This was such a fun and amazing night, I can’t wait to do it again!” said Arushi Sharma, 9th grader, and participant at Trivia Night.

This was such a fun and amazing night; I can’t wait to do it again!

— 9th grader, Arushi Sharma

Not only did the student council have fun with this, but so did many of the Trivia Night participants.   I loved the promotion of this night on Instagram; it encouraged so many people including myself and others to come and enjoy the night. I can’t wait for trivia night next year!” said student council member and a trivia night participant, Jada Bruce.

 “This is one of my most favorite events of the year!” said Sophia Ghargare, who is student council’s public relations officer. Ghargare was also very happy she got to be a part of this with the student council. 

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  • Freshman Elizabeth Sinclair, Sara Weiner, Arushi Sharma, Raina Shukla and Ananya Rajan

  • Sophomores having a great time

  • Sophomore student council volunteers

  • Sophie Finer with Ms. Ullinger and Kailey Migneault

  • Mrs. Cliff with freshman Arushi Sharma, Raina Shukla, Ananya Rajan and Mrs. Davis.

  • Team participating in Trivia Night

  • Sophomores having fun at Trivia Night

  • World language teachers Senora Tabon and Senora Swan

  • Seniors Julia Craig and Jack Huot with junior Xavier Crane

  • Sophomores Haley Deptula and Sophia Ghagares

  • Trivia Team participating in the Trivia Night event.

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This year’s Trivia night also had teams with the highest scores. There were the top 5 highest scores of the night. The first place overall  high score went to Team Awesome. They received a 200 dollar gift card to the Japanese restaurant Sakura.

“This is one of the happiest days of my life!” said Emily Clifford, one of the members of the first place winning Team Awesome. 

“Trivia night went so well and I’m very happy with the success and outcome of the event,” said President of the Student Council Kailey Migneault.