38th Annual Fishing Derby



At South Windsor Parks and Recreation 38th Annual Fishing Derby, volunteers present prizes to the winners of the smallest catch category.

Saturday, April 1st marks South Windsor Parks and Recreation’s 38th Annual Fishing Derby. Despite the dreary weather, the South Windsor community assembled at Frazer Fir Pond for a family-friendly fishing competition. With a fishing pole and a warm hot chocolate in hand, families took their places along the edge of the trout-filled pond. 

At precisely 9 o’clock an announcement was made, and the fishing frenzy began. Throughout the morning, South Windsor Parks and Recreation displayed pamphlets containing information about their upcoming events in April: The 50th Annual Egg Hunt and the Earth Day Celebration. Fre

e Hats, t-shirts, and hoodies were handed out to the patient children participating in the derby, and a tent was set up for the Girl Scouts of Connecticut who were selling their famous cookies.

Not much luck was found by the fishermen and women who participated in the fishing tournament. Regardless of the difficulty encountered, South Windsor’s sportsmanship did not disappoint. Words of encouragement were offered to the unlucky families and celebratory moments were shared with the winners.

Fisherman releases his first catch of the day back into Fraizer Fir Pond.

It was hard to remain patient especially because of the rainy weather, but the memories I shared with my friends and family made all the difference

— second place winner of the smallest catch category, Jaxson Blanchfield.











After three comradery-filled hours of fun, prizes were distributed to the best catches of the day. During the final minutes of the Derby, South Windsor Parks and Recreation awarded the biggest fish, smallest fish, and the first catch over six inches with fishing-related goodies. Prizes ranged from new fishing equipment to kid-friendly card games.

People of all ages line the edge of the pond determined to catch a fish.

“I was very happy to come in first place. I won an extendable fishing net and a bucket that I will definitely use at the next  Fishing Derby.” Stated the overall winner of the smallest catch category, Gavin Blanchfield.

At 11 o’clock the families packed up their fishing equipment and left Frazer Fir Pond until the next Annual Fishing Derby.