Getting Teachers to Understand

Should students be able to grade their teachers?


Fadel Kafel

Sophomore Shree Vinswanatha touching base with his teacher Mrs. Caless.

Grades can affect students in many ways, and teachers can have a major role in this. Not only are teachers responsible for grades, the teacher can also affect a student’s behavior. However, not all teachers treat students with the same respect that students give them and this can hurt kids’ mental health.

Students should 100% be able to grade teachers. Teachers may not realize that students may not pay attention because they are not feeling engaged enough. Therefore, a teacher grading system could bring awareness to how teachers can be held accountable for student engagement.

“The less strict the teacher, the less likely I am to pay attention, the more active the teacher is, the more engaged I am,” said sophomore class president Nihaal Thakran. 

This student believes that teachers need to be engaged, just as a student should be. If the teacher is excited while teaching, then that will reflect onto the students.

“I think that would impact our learning even more. With us reflecting on our teachers,” said sophomore Robert Wunch.

Multiple students agree with the idea of letting students grading teachers. This plan will allow administration to  know how well teachers treat students. This idea can also help with students’ grades because if teachers know they are getting graded, they will treat their students with more respect.

Some teachers really are great people and have good personalities. They know how to connect to the class and not have students lose their focus. However, that doesn’t mean they are able to teach the curriculum that they need to give the students. This can cause students to not learn the best way.

The majority of students commented that if students were able to grade teachers, then students would do better academically and would be in a better mental state.