Drunk Driver Sentenced

Drunk driver responsible for the death of SW police officer court sentencing held.


Website of South Windsor Police Department, via Town of South Windsor

South Windsor Police Department where Police Officer Ben Lovett worked.

Just 225 days after the tragic death of South Windsor Police Officer Ben Lovett, Spencer Krauss of Ellington was found guilty on charges including second-degree manslaughter, assault with a motor vehicle, and evading responsibility resulting in death. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Thursday with a suspended sentence after 11, and five years of probation, court officials said.

On June 26th 2021, Lovett was off duty riding his motorcycle in Tolland slightly past 1am, when Krauss, who was driving drunk, blew through a flashing red light and resulted in Krauss hitting Lovett, and the passenger who was on the back of the motorcycle. Lovett, who was rushed to Hartford Hospital with life threatening injuries, would ultimately pass away due to his injuries. 

Along with being sentenced to 11 years behind bars, the judge also ordered Krauss to make an annual $300 charitable donation to the South Windsor Explorers Program. 

During the court case, a video of Lovett’s fellow SWPD officers was played. The video contained the officers describing the kind of person Lovett was, and talked about his maturity for his age of 25 years old, and all he had accomplished as an officer. 

Lovett’s parents also spoke in court. Lovett’s mother spoke about how celebrating holidays and birthdays without her son has been the absolute worst. Lovett’s father brought in his son’s urn and the hat his son wore the day of the accident and looked at Krauss, and said, “This is all I have left of my son… Rot in hell.” 

Krauss was also given the opportunity to speak, in which he took that opportunity and stated: 

“I can’t change what’s in the past, but I can what’s in my future. I’m committed to a life of sobriety and helping others into not making the same mistakes as I did. I’m deeply ashamed of my actions that led to this tragedy and I know that all I can do is honor Ben’s life and his mission,” said Krauss.

The Bobcat Prowl sends its condolences to Lovett’s family, friends, and anyone who has been affected by this tragedy.