Student of the Month


Zach Morison

All of the Student of the Month award winners for December

The top students, selected by staff each month, are picked for Student of the Month. These students show exemplary effort and inspire their fellow students around them. The SWHS students of the month conveys some of our school’s Portrait of a Graduate core values, resiliency, curiosity, and leadership. All students who win this award get their name on a board in the front of the school for the entire school to view.

That month I just put in more effort with my work

— junior Logan Sherwood



That month I just put in more effort with my work,” said junior Logan Sherwood, SWHS’s December student of the month.  While Sherwood readily admits he may not always have been the most consistent student, he found a way to change that in December. Aided by his hockey season beginning, he was motivated to work even harder. Ever since he won, he has been doing better in academics. 

Clearly, to become Student of the Month, you need to change your academic attitude and find a way to stand out to staff members.  

Students of the Month are meant to be role models and leaders for all students. They display characteristics that SWHS wants all students to show by the time they graduate.

“It changed my attitude of school,” said junior Luke Taylor, a Student of the Month winner over a year ago. Taylor was a great student when he was honored with the award, and it provided further motivation for him to continue improving in all aspects of the classroom.

Student of the month is a lot more than simply doing well in school. It forces students to get out of their comfort zone and change and improve their academic habits