The Grammys, Iconic or Outdated?

Controversy sparks at the 2023 Grammys


Frances Specker/CBS

Doja Cat and Sza on the Grammy award show red carpet.

The Grammy award show is known for its creative performances, celebration of music, and acknowledgement of musicians devoted to the development of the music industry. However, the 2023 Grammys was undeniably insufficient, lacking in diversity, engaging content and musician recognition. 

The show sparked major backlash regarding the “Album of the Year” Category as well as “Pop Vocal Album.” 

Harry Styles’ album “Harry’s House” won “Pop Vocal Album,” which received controversy from Beyonce fans who believe she should have won. Twitter immediately erupted with angry tweets criticizing Styles’ impact on the music industry.

Beyonce fans claimed that she has had a bigger impact on the music industry and has changed the lives of many listeners inspired by her. 

In my opinion, I can see where Beyonce fans are coming from. It makes sense that they would be upset that someone so influential lost a big award. Although, I do think the level of backlash was unnecessary and that Beyonce has many more awards in her future.

I think fans that come to an artist’s rescue, defending them on social media actually diminishes them. It makes it seem as though the artist can’t prove themselves, which Beyonce has undoubtedly already done.

I do also understand that her fans are mad because Beyonce’s talent has been passed over in previous award shows that have favored white artists. 

Harry Styles was also awarded “Album of the Year” this also received backlash from Beyonce fans on social media. They were particularly upset regarding this category because Beyonce has been nominated several times, but has never actually won the award.

Many fans thought that even with Styles’ satisfactory album, winning the award over Bad Bunny, Adele, Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce was incredibly disagreeable.

In my opinion, “Album of the Year” should have been awarded to Beyonce. She has made so much more of an impact on the music industry and has continuously proved herself as a strong female artist.

Although, I still disagree with her fans trying to defend her. Mostly because she doesn’t need it. She’s Beyonce, she has dominated the music industry before, she will do it again. I don’t think she needs the help of her fans, even though the award was disagreeable. 

Trevor Noah, the three time Grammy’s host, has also received accusations of sexualizing Harry Styles. He referred to Styles as the “sex symbol of the globe”. Styles’ fans are furious because Styles has spoken out several times about how uncomfortable this makes him.

His fans also made the point of him having to deal with everyone’s eyes on him since he was sixteen years old. They said it’s disgusting how people continue to sexualize him as though he hasn’t been sexualized by the media for such a big portion of his life. 

 I am also disgusted by Trevor Noah’s behavior. It’s never okay to comment on someone’s appearance in any way, negative or positive. I think he needs to be more self aware and think about how what he says affects others.

Although, I don’t think that it was necessary for Styles fans to come to his defense. I think that reading into someone’s personal life never has a good outcome. Even if Styles is uncomfortable, there is nothing that the fans can do except do their job to be careful of what they say.

Though the Grammys have clearly crumbled over the years, the 50 years of Hip-Hop tribute was an incredible segment on the show. The segment was started by Dr. Dre being awarded the “2023 Global Impact” category.

The tribute featured several artists influential in the Hip-Hop genre. The performance was lively and interesting, keeping the audience engaged. So, even with the underwhelming segments surrounding it, the Hip-Hop tribute absolutely gave the Grammys something to celebrate. The tribute was the best part of the show and was the only positive viewers were left talking about. 

I think that the Hip-Hop tribute made the 2023 Grammys watchable. It’s so important to celebrate all genres of the music industry.

Because the Hip-Hop genre has made such an impact on avid music listeners in the last century, it’s so important to acknowledge its influence on the music industry.

In conclusion, the Grammys have gone from iconic to outdated. With a mix of failures regarding musician backlash, hosting errors and angry fans on social media, the Grammys has been lacking over the years.

Comments regarding the music industry, racial equality in award categories and sexualization of artists, it’s clear that the Grammys award show is officially outdated.