Word Travels Fast About New Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why


Dakota Skinner, Contributor

On March 31, 2017 yet another series was thrown into the hands of teenagers and parents everywhere, but this Netflix series is not like any other. 13 Reasons Why was originally written by author Jay Asher and was later contacted by Selena Gomez to discuss buying the rights of the book. Jay had no intentions of making it into a movie but Selena Gomez was the one to change his mind and later become an executive producer.

13 Reasons Why is about a sophomore, Hannah Baker, who had went through many traumatic events within her freshman and sophomore years of high school. 13 Reasons Why goes into depth of what Hannah struggled through and the people that contributed to her decisions in her life. Before Hannah committed suicide, she made 13 tapes for each person who was involved with her death. 13 Reasons Why shows the depth of what words can do to a person of any age, gender, race or sexuality. This series have made people stop and think about Hannah’s story and the events that led up to it.

Within this chain of events it talks about bullying, sexual assault, slut shaming and self-shaming in a way no one has ever done for a television series. The buzz has been going around school and creating discussions that some never thought they would have to talk about. Now people are becoming more aware of the words that they say and the actions they can do to prevent bullying and suicide. With being more aware of these harmful words and actions, kids want to stop it hurting each other’s feelings. Adults are pushing to teach their children the negative side of bullying. But how can we put an end to bullying if we cannot always control the actions of other people?

What can teachers do to stop bullying? What can students do to learn about bullying before it happens to them or they are doing it to others? What is something administration can do? How can the media be effective? There is many if’s and but’s about the topic of bullying and suicide. It is easy for people to shy away from these topics because of the high emotions people begin to feel. You can say people can talk nicer to each other and we can treat each other with  respect but will we? Will students and children stop talking to each other in such a rude and downgrading way?

I believe we need to talk about these topics more. We can have classes on it and have in depth discussions because as a students we are easily forgetful and do not think about events such as the things that Hannah Baker went through. You do not think these things will happen to you, until it does. Until your world is rocked and everything is turned upside down. Suicide is one of the ten leading causes of death in the United States today. People need to be aware of these events. People need to help others and we need to give that help to them. We cannot give up on these issues. The want to help this topic be known to everyone has to be our first priority. Suicide should never be the option.