Jenna Ortegas Wednesday Addams Character


Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams Character

The Addams Family is a very popular show that has millions of fans all around the world. It does not matter if you were alive during the original release of the movies or tv shows, you probably have watched at least one movie.

The Addams Family started as newspaper cartoons made by Charles Addams in the New York Times in 1938, but none of the family members had the unique names that we know them as today. They only got the names that we are familiar with in the 1964 TV series that lasted for two seasons.
There are three movies: The Addams Family in 1991, Addams Family Values in 1993, Addams Family Reunion in 1998, and the last movie was an animation named The Addams Family made in 2019.

Written by Alfred Gough Miles Miller and directed by Tim Burton, the new show, Wednesday, on Netflix, became an overnight success by becoming the second most popular show in English reaching 1,022,190,000 views in the first 28 hours. And, after watching the first episode, one can see how it became so popular.

Throughout the show, the audience can see the amount of work that was put into it by all aspects of the production .

But there were a few parts of the series that for the audience were hit or a miss, for example Wednesday’s relationship with her mother Morticia Addams. In the show, they were shown to have somewhat of a rocky relationship with Wednesday saying that her mother does not care about her or wants her follow her footsteps, but in episode 5 they have a conversation and seem to solve their differences.The reason why this bothers fans of the Addams Family is because it was out of character. Though others may say that this is completely normal to happen in life when kids hit a certain age. They have augments more often with their parents because of different ideologies. But the Addams Family became famous because they are unlike any other family (or at least the type that we usually see in the media) and Morticia has alway been portrayed as an amazing mother. And, even though Wednesday always acted in an emotionless way, she never acted like it was a competition between her and her mother.

One of the things that everyone liked on the show was the mystery because even though other parts of the plot left me bored, the mystery part never failed to get my attention and wondering what would happen next.

A part of the show that the viewers liked was how they included modern things such as social media, but they didn’t make it cringe. Additionally, Tte storyline, especially the romance, was natural and did not feel forced.

But in an interview for Seventeen titled “Everything We Know About Wednesday Season 2” Jenna Ortega said in another interview to Entertainment Tonight “I kind of want her to be darker” and she also said that Wednesday wouldn’t “play things so safe”. But so far there is no update about season 2, so we can only hope that next will be just as good as the first season.