New? No Problem

The Bobcat Ambassador Program


Ava Shasha

Bobcat ambassadors having a luncheon together.

Whether you’re a new, existing, or transfer student, most people face social anxiety of “being the new kid.” Feeling singled out and alone isn’t desirable for anyone but the Bobcat Ambassador Club changes that. What does the Bobcat Ambassador club do? They are a group of students from different grade levels in the high school who come together to welcome new people, chaperone special guests, and are the first faces some will see.

Each year, the club hosts an annual breakfast earlier in the year to break the ice of new students in a new school and a luncheon to check in midway through the year.
The breakfast is a chance for new students to have their questions answered, meet club members, meet each other and get a word from some of our influential staff members.

The lunch is a midpoint check-in for this same group of students from the breakfast and any new faces to talk about how the year has been going, and if they have any concerns, or just want some help. Members of the club communicate via Google Classroom to collaborate in planning additional events and all share the value of feeling welcome.

The Bobcat Ambassador Club strives for inclusivity, positivity, and guidance. They answer any questions and attend to every request made by our student body with careful consideration. The Bobcat Ambassadors aim to make new transitions smoother and even enjoyable.