Dressing to Impress: The Importance of Formality

Dressing to Impress: The Importance of Formality


Motivation to get back to work has become a chore amidst the aftermath of the pandemic. Workers who were used to working from home now have to get back into the routine of showing up at the office on a daily basis, paired with the expectation of appropriate dress wear.

In the comfort of their own home (office), most resorted to the ‘zoom-call’ outfit: wearing sweatpants and a button-down top, or unfortunately no pants at all which has become some notorious viral videos. 

Walking into an interview, the candidate’s outfit is the first one to be noticed as they walk towards the interviewer. Some say that first impressions don’t matter but they fail to realize that upon first meeting someone, their attire is the first to be analyzed. According to Indeed, “The initial judgments people make about you can influence their long-term opinions.”

However, dressing professionally is not only key to workplace success, but to overall well-being. An article by Forbes, states, “dressing professionally can lead to being more productive.” By appearing presentable it makes a good impression on coworkers and bosses. This is essential in an office setting as it increases promotion possibility, as well as productivity in the workplace. 

As well as impressing coworkers, dressing up can also lead to more self-confidence. In a different article by Forbes, it states, “When we feel as though we look good on the outside, there is a positive correlation to us also feeling good on the inside.” Though it is important to look good for others, it should always stem from looking good for oneself.

Whether it’s someone’s first day on the job, last day on the job, or first interview, it’s important to take into consideration the significance formality has on one’s chances to be successful.