Gas App



Everyone “Gassed Up” about a new app?

So, you’ve taken a poll before? Of course, you have. You’ve had a crush before? Oh, definitely. What if you were to mix those two together and create an app to add your crush and friends on to make anonymous answers and see who has taken a liking to you? Well, it’s been created already, let’s have a look.

The Gas app is basically a confession game. You can’t see who voted for you but you can try and guess or use your hints to see who said it. It’s a true mystery, but it can be so irritating sometimes when you really want to know who has a crush on you. The app works by once you’ve got added friends to your list, you may get surveys you’d have to answer. The answers will be the names of your friends. Once you select a friend’s title, they’ll get flames, which are nothing but a considered degree of notoriety.

The term “Gas” comes from Web slang, meaning somebody who tries hard and goes out of their way to impress somebody. Gassing somebody up means to “pump somebody up” with a compliment, something funny or anything else to please someone.

There’s a mode called “God Mode” where you are still anonymous but no one can guess who you are or get hints. People find this frustrating though because it’s a mystery. This mode makes the app more challenging…especially when you’re desperate. On top of that, if you want to know who even picked you on a poll, you literally have to pay for God Mode. You pay $6 dollars just to keep a secret about a person you like.

Though, “Ghost Mode” is just as ridiculous, no one can know who you are and when you check your polls, only your name shows up and the other three people’s names are blurred out. You can never know who chose you. Most find this just as confusing, especially with the more friends you have, the more complicated it is to figure out who is crushing on you.  

After each 12 question poll, you collect coins and once you reach a certain amount, ranging between 100 coins to 300 coins, you can add yourself into 3 random polls or you can add your crush’s name to each poll for one round. Whoever shows up the most out of the 12 polls in the one who has a crush on you. The author who wrote this received one with a certain person’s name added to each of her polls. But enough about that, nobody needs to know about that.

It’s a fun experience to go and play with, but the polls do get difficult over time. Overall, it’s a fun app to enjoy with all your friends. And who knows, maybe the person in your friends list has been gassing you up most and you just don’t know it yet. The question is… are you gassed up about this app?