Helpful Resources: The Writing Center


Mrs. Howard

Writing Center tutor, Paul, helping a student, Susanna, with their writing.

Writing is often a difficulty for many students, but what if there was a place full of friendly faces wanting to help with your writing? This may sound like a fantasy but is nothing short of reality. 

The South Windsor High School’s Writing Center is open for business and is willing and ready to help you with any writing piece. Whether it’s an English essay, a science lab, or a wedding toast, the center’s tutors are here to help you with it.

“It’s very laid back and there’s no judgment.” The Writing Center’s faculty advisor and English teacher, Mrs. Howard told The Prowl. “All writers revise and need help. Professional writers are part of writing groups, so it’s just part of the process.” 

The tutors are “trained to handle all types of essays including persuasive, descriptive, expository, and narrative pieces while also creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for our clients,” Tutor J.P. Dargati told The Prowl. 

Students do not need to make appointments or commitments to visit the center, which is open every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2-3pm, with 3 or more tutors and is located in room 136.