How Halloween First Began

How Halloween First Began

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Halloween has always been very popular in the U.S. All of the celebration surrounding the month of October has always been loved and celebrated by society in the U.S. The season, the trees, and all the leaves changing colors, along with the crisp weather is a favorite. 

Everyone loves Halloween but no one knows how it began. Halloween originates from the Ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain. This comes from Ireland and Scotland. It started as a tradition around 2,500 years ago.

When the tradition first began, it was a religious celebration that welcomed the end of summer harvest. Then, at night, people wore costumes to scare off ghosts and light bonfires.

This tradition then spread to all over the world. It first spread to the U.S. because in Ireland people were suffering from a potato famine. Soon there were immigrants that migrated from there into the U.S. 

Then came October where they followed their traditions which caused others to see. The U.S. picked up on this and adopted the tradition. This led to the spread to other countries and nations around the world. Other places, like Mexico,  have always had traditions that are related to October. Mexico’s traditions of Halloween date back to Aztec times. They believe that during this season souls of their loved ones were close by. This provided guidance for people who missed their loved ones. To honor them they would make alters that included food and drink. 

There are some places around the world that don’t celebrate Halloween like most of Africa and Asia. South Africa just recently adopted the tradition of celebrating it in a variety of different ways. The reason why most if not all of Africa doesn’t celebrate Halloween is because they think it promotes “black magic” and witchcraft

Of course, whether you choose to celebrate Halloween or not, it remains people’s favorite holiday and a day that everyone looks forward to.