The Oversexualization of Halloween

Have costumes become too risky?

Halloween costumes in this day and age.

Halloween costumes in this day and age.

Children dressed up as innocent witches and black cats while wandering the street, house after house, smiling with their pillowcases and buckets in hand. The thought of Halloween as a child is exhilarating. Dressing up and getting free candy? Count me in. Though for other age groups, the thought is less about the celebration and more about the raunchiness.

The idea of dressing up as that cat for older teens and young adults has now evolved to a more adult standard. What used to be flowy dresses and long pants have been changed to tight pants and shorts for the adult costumes. Children dressing up as their desired profession of being a nurse has been… taken from them. Seemingly, adults now take that costume, add cleavage and fishnets and call it a day. Not only is it oversexualized, but it’s also basic… where’s the fun?

These new forms of costumes have even taken over in films like Mean Girls. Cady Heron, the main character, says that “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.’ So when did a celebration of warding off spirits that enter people’s homes turn into a night of provocativeness?

Now, I am all for self-expression in the new day and exploring self-identity, but why does that have to change to a… holiday?