Andrew Tate: Teacher of Men or of Misogyny?


Internet personality Andrew Tate on Anything Goes With James English. Photo Credit: Anything Goes with James English via Wikimedia Commons

Romanian sex-slaves, misogony, strippers, craziness and sexual predation. This is the alleged life of internet personality, Andrew Tate. Internationally famous, is his career over or just getting started? 

Before Andrew Tate was a controversial internet star, he kicked off his career in boxing. On April 14, 2007, he boxed in one of his first professional fights against Scott Gibson for the light-heavyweight British title according to Side Kickboxing.  Fighting out of Luton, England until he retired, he claims to have only lost 9 matches in his whole career. Then, in February of 2020, he made a comeback at the KO Master 7 in Romania states Biography on Andrew Tate.

Boxing wasn’t the only part of his early career. His first internet appearance was on the 17th season of TV show Big Brother in 2016, but was quickly kicked off due to a video surfacing of him abusing a woman. According to The Guardian, he and the woman claimed that it was edited, and that she consented to the abuse. After the events of Big Brother, Good To says that he posted offensive tweets. This was not the last time he would be banned from a public media site. In 2022, his tweets and opinions resurfaced and started gaining more media attention. 

 Over the past 6 months, the controversy surrounding celebrity Andrew Tate and his thoughts on women has skyrocketed. Do you think women should bow down to men? Well, Tate believes that the woman you are with should respect her husband’s wishes and demands and wants to go back to the 1930’s where women would do housework and their only goal for the day is to make their husband happy. As you can see, this sparked a lot of hate.

 News revealed that Tate has been accused of holding women hostage and is dodging multiple sexual assault accusations by fleeding to Romania. It doesn’t end there, Andrew Tate has tons of physical assault cases and has been given labels such as “predator” and “groomer”,  but he has recently been respectfully made fun of and many memes were created, joking that he was banned in video games and more outlandish places, according to The Post Athens

His strong opinions against women have gained love from men’s rights activists and far-right activists and his “playboy-like” persona has helped him inspire men all over the world that are like him to like his comments on his opinion about dating 18-year-old women instead of a woman in her mid-20’s. He claims dating women in their early adulthood allows for men to “make imprints” on them since they might not have experience with dating, according to The Post Athens

With all of his controversy spewing out left and right,  Tate’s future and mark on the world does not seem to be heading in an ideal direction. Currently, Tate has been banned from the social media platforms YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. However, this action isn’t exactly solving anything. Joanna Schroeder, a writer whose work focuses on gender and media representation, told CBC News that the bans “are just drawing more attention to him,” she said. “It’s given him a very big microphone.” These internet bans are like gasoline to an open flame, motivating him to strike back, and find alternate ways to spread dangerous misinformation and harmful stereotypes. 

Furthermore, Tate’s influence is still present in the minds of young boys. His previous status as an easily accessible internet personality had created something similar to an army of impressionable teen boys, who now defend him not only online, but in public settings as well. In a Reddit Post made by an anonymous teacher, she claimed that “The rise of Andrew Tate is ruining my freshman boys.” She went on to explain how her young male students are saying extremely misogynistic statements like “women are inferior to men,” “women belong in the kitchen,” and “women should be housewives.” Clearly, these boys are hearing these statements online, and repeating them at school for all their peers to hear as well.

Tate himself has his own plans to spread his opinions and further his agenda. Tate stated in a YouTube interview that “now the only thing left for me to do is just make lots and lots of beautiful children and raise them to have the same ideals I have,” he continued with saying, “and I create a future generation so there are future Andrew Tates.” 

Although Tate seems to be eradicated from the internet, he still seems to have a lasting impact on these impressionable adolescents. The true question yet remains: does cancel culture deplete a man, or does it raise him to new statures?