Going Vegan Should Not be the Answer to a Healthier Life



Being vegan isn’t a smart choice. Vegans like to talk about the benefits of being vegan and not eating meat but don’t like to talk about the negatives. There are a lot of reasons why someone might consider the vegan diet or go through with it. People become vegan because they think it’s the moral choice to avoid animal products; they believe it’s healthier and it will change their life for the better, or be better for the environment.

However, according to wellversed.in, the vegan diet could do much more harm than good. Even though vegans don’t like to talk about the negatives of this lifestyle choice, the downsides are rather important to daily life.

Being vegan is an extreme form of diet that a lot of people don’t realize can hurt a lot of people’s health. Removing all animal-based products is cutting out more than all of your food sources. Vegans do not eat beef, any dairy, eggs, chicken, fish, pork, or any form of red meat, and no all/any animal- based products. healthline.com advises that without these foods, one doesn’t have any access to important vitamins, and without consuming any animal-based products, the body won’t be able to take in vitamins crucial to your health. 

These vitamins include  omega 3, B12, creatine, iron, and carnosine. Without these important vitamins, you’ll have higher risk of stroke, fractures, you’ll be low in protein, have blood sugar swings, physical and mental health problems, and your hormone production would be disrupted. Essentially, you won’t be getting much of any important vitamins through your food source alone. 

Vitamins like b12, Omega 3, Carnosine, and Iron all play very important roles in day to day life as well as things in the long term picture. B12 helps form red blood cells in your blood. Omega 3 helps regulate blood clotting and making hormones for your body. 

Carnosine prevents aging, helps with kidney problems, and helps with nerves all over your body. Iron, which is arguably the most important vitamin, helps carry oxygen to your blood. This allows oxygen to get everywhere it needs to be. 

With a vegan diet you won’t have access to any of the important vitamins needed for a healthy lifestyle. And you could run the potential of becoming deficient in all of them. Humans are meant to eat a well-balanced diet with diversity in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and meat. Being vegan is something that was never meant to be.