Piercing America

Piers Lloyd (Left)and Jack Stricker (Right) playing soccer at Camp Laurelwood.

Jack Stricker

Piers Lloyd (Left)and Jack Stricker (Right) playing soccer at Camp Laurelwood.

Angelina Bellizzi, Editor

Spinning in a tall chair, turning towards the question, “What’s your name?” The glow of a London boy,  laughing between each sentence he replies gently in his musical accent, “Piers, Piers Llyod.” 

Through the 6 hour plane ride, Lloyd dreamt of what America would be. When asked why he traveled to America, Camp Laurelwood was his answer. The summer camp in Madison CT, bringing together the Jewish Community. “It was a free ride to America,” said Lloyd. 

Just as any other teenage boy Lloyd loves playing soccer, hanging out with his friends, eating food, and less American, Rugby. 

Although Lloyd’s journey in Connecticut started with camp, it did not end there.  “I met this interesting person named  Jack Stricker,” added Lloyd. 

 Lloyd’s response to, “why Jack? Out of everyone at camp, why did you choose Jack?” was simply, “He’s quite similar, but he’s also just funny because he does stupid stuff.”

Asked, What year are you Jack? “May fourth 2005.” “Oh, senior.” Stricker, a senior at South Windsor High School, attended camp Laurelwood this summer, where he met Lloyd. For his tenth year at camp, Stricker was promoted to counselor where he spent most of his summer days at camp out on trails, acting in plays, and playing and teaching soccer anytime he could. 

Stricker’s confidence rose as he shared that he plays soccer for one of the best teams in the state, and that if not already informed, his hobbies include soccer. 

Stricker explains he met Lloyd the first week of camp, and that sometimes, Lloyd says things he doesn’t quite understand. Following camp, Stricker brought his new friend back home to South Windsor. After home, the first place Stricker brought Lloyd was the high school turf. 

Introducing Lloyd to all of Stricker’s friends, Lloyd expresses that everyone has the same reaction after hearing his accent. He shared with Stricker’s friends that the food here is much more sugary than in the UK. 

Like Stricker, Lloyd also plays soccer. Responding to what sports he plays Lloyd says, “Rugby, soccer, Rugby is the most popular sport where I live, soccer in other places.”

From seeing the queen in parades, and the Buckingham palace to a New York Giants game, Loyd got a great taste of life as a teenage boy in South Windsor. “Seems like soccer, and friends,” Says Lloyd .

After a fair share of time, Stricker spent with Lloyd, he says he will miss him when he leaves. Wide smile and big dreams, he will see Lloyd soon, after he goes to England then Portugal.