Prowl Staff’s Picks for Summer Fun

Prowl Staffs Picks for Summer Fun

Angelina Bellizzi, Editor

Sitting down in boredom, wondering what to do on a nice summer day? Schools coming to an end and members from the Bobcat Prowl are giving six things to do locally this summer.

  1. The Beach

Leading with the most popular choice from the class, the beach is a place to go and hangout with friends and relax. It has a mix of fun and chill, and it is perfect for a sunny summer day. Junior Emily Osit, member of the Prowl, recommends going to beaches in Connecticut such as Rocky Neck and Westport. 


2. Play Outdoor Games

Relating to the beach, senior member of the prowl, David Morison loves to play spikeball. “You can play it anywhere, the beach, day parties, at home,” said Morison. There are more outdoor activities to play than spikeball, such as basketball, soccer, are fun to play as well with family and friends. Not only does it release you from boredom, it is exercise to break in the day. 


3. Hanging out with Friends

If they aren’t on vacation or busy, ask a friend to hangout! There are many places to go  with friends near and in South Windsor, such as Empower Adventure Park at Nomads, Urban Air Trampoline Park, Veterans Memorial Park and more. 


4. Arts and Crafts 

Tapping into the creative side, things like drawing, painting, or making clay, does not require going anywhere. Unless a trip is exciting, Sam Deras editor of the Prowl recommends going to the Clay Pen in West Hartford. A fun place to invite friends or go alone, and make pottery. 


5. Sit Down and Relax

Jack Huot of the prowl was quick to answer with “relax”. Outside on a sunny day, or inside on a gloomy one, there is always time to refresh and gain energy back by relaxing. Summer is full of time, so don’t rush, take a breather. 


6. Have Fun

Having fun is key to a great summer. Whether it’s a day of painting, swimming, playing spikeball or just relaxing, add some fun into it. Mike Nelson, graduating Senior and member of the Prowl says, “Go crazy have fun. Summer is once a year”.