Kanye Shocks Fans With New Album Releasing For “Stem Player”


Mike Nelson, Writer

Kanye West was always special when it came to music.  He would release his albums late or even early and most of them are massive hits.

 Some of his notable projects that were released late were his first album The College Dropout which was 193 days late, Jesus is King which was 28 days late, The Life of Pablo which was 531 days late, 808s and Heartbreaks was only 1 day late, Graduation was 345 days late, his second album Late Registration was 49 days late.  And his album Donda was over a year late.

Now even though these albums were all late that doesn’t mean that they weren’t worth the wait.  And his best album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was released on time and so was Ye and Yeezus.  

His latest album Donda was a controversial album not because of the release date but because the style was very similar to his album Jesus is King which was not received well by fans.  But Donda was either loved or hated.  He had 0 cuss words which caught most by surprise and every song had hidden features where the song contained features from other artists but they weren’t credited.  

Following his success from Donda, it was surprising when he announced Donda 2 would be released shortly after.  But the kicker was when he said it would not be on Apple Music or Spotify which are the biggest streaming platforms for music and podcasts.  Kanye said, “Today artists get just 12% of the money the industry makes. It’s time to free music from this oppressive system. It’s time to take control and build our own.” 

Ye decided to release his new album on a $200 stem player.  The stem player looks like a small handheld speaker and it allows you to customize songs and split them into stems.  And it also has the Donda albums for fans to listen to.  Which was an immediate turn-off for anyone that wasn’t a Kanye West stan.  He also went on to say that he sold $2.2 million worth of stem players.  

So far people have mixed feelings about this album.  Some say it was good, some say mid, some say awful.  One of his tracks “City of Gods” which is on streaming platforms is a song that features Fivio Foreign and Alecia Keys and it looks like he tried to create another song similar to “Off the Grid” from the first album as it was a big hit.  But this track only struggles to do so.  

On the track “True Love” he apparently starts talking about his frustrations in his love life being his divorce from Kim Kardashian and their kids.  On “Opening Road” he apparently destroys what Don Tolliver had set up with his vocals by saying, “ “Baby I’m free like a homeless person,” which only left a sour taste for the listeners.  

Some viewers say the album is rushed and wasn’t finished, and some like the album. So there are overall mixed feelings about Donda 2 and the fans don’t have a complete opinion since only a handful of Ye fans have the stem player.  

But we can only hope that there is a deluxe version which is released on streaming platforms and everyone can listen to this new project.