The Newest Marvel Cinematic – Not Receiving the Attention They Hoped for

The Newest Marvel Cinematic - Not Receiving the Attention They Hoped for

Riley Heafy-DeAngelis, Writer

The marvel movies have been insanely popular in our generation. The newest Marvel movie, The Eternals, was released on November 5, 2021. This is the 26th action packed Marvel movie, and it is evident that they will not be stopping any time soon after Daniel Chin tells us, “A mysterious voice, a mythical sword, an ultra-famous pop star – the end of Marvel’s latest film is foreshadowing what’s to come.” (The Ringer).

The creators of Marvel know they need to keep things interesting. They used this new cinematic to branch out and start diversifying their characters. The actress, Lauren Ridloff, who plays the character Makkari in the movie, is the first deaf performer to appear in a Marvel movie (Arkin). Marvel is setting the stage for other films, and giving confidence to those who may be in a situation like Ridloff. Hopefully, viewers take this as an example to live out their dreams, no matter what they think is holding them back. Ridloff tells NBC,  “[I] hope that, by bringing my story to the audience, people from marginalized communities will feel that there’s room for their own stories.”

The reputation of Marvel continues to rest on these new movies they are creating, viewers hoping each new movie will be better than the last. Although The Eternals was an entertaining, action packed movie, it had “the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score of any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie” (Forbes)


The Eternals came out less than a week ago, and is already booming in the theaters, with a review of 3.6 stars on Google Review. The characters in The Eternals are immortal beings with strange powers who are watching their civilizations struggle, while in a conflict with their originators.

Although more people dislike this movie, it has a much wider audience than the others. Evidently, as Marvel keeps creating these movies, they build up a wider audience and it gives fuel to more and more critics each time. Unfortunately for Marvel, many people do take Critics’ opinions into consideration when deciding to watch a new film. 

Are these statistics fair? Should viewers take these critics’ opinions into consideration?