Over half of Eligible U.S. citizens have received the first dose of the Coronavirus Vaccine

Over half of Eligible U.S. citizens have received the first dose of the Coronavirus Vaccine

Collin Bullock, Writer

After nearly two years of lockdown and endless waiting, Over 50% of Americans who our eligible for the Coronavirus Vaccine, are fully vaccinated. The CDC State report card has good numbers for the state of Connecticut, with cases, deaths, and hospitalizations down. On the vaccine front, Connecticut has been leading the way for the Nation, and a large portion of the world, for months, and now is among 12 other states to meet President Biden`s goal of 70% of American Adults fully vaccinated by Independence day. The other states include Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Maryland, California, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Vermont has vaccinated the most of its residents, with over 81% Vaccinated. 70% was, at one point, the number experts had hoped would be a key figure in American Herd Immunity. Unfortunately, those hopes were dashed in early May, when the goal was deemed unlikely in the U.S.


 As one end of the spectrum reaches the goal over a month early, the other end is falling behind. Mississippi has the fewest vaccinated residents at around 43%, followed by Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Wyoming and West Virginia just under 50%. In hopes to boost vaccination enthusiasm, the Biden administration has begun a National Month of Action, which includes the Shots at the Shop initiative, looking to Black-Owned Barbershops and Salons to vaccinate their customers. Additionally, Anheuser-Busch has announced that if the 70% goal is reached before July 4th, the next rounds on them. “At Anheuser-Busch, we are committed to supporting the safe and strong recovery of our nation and being able to be together again at the places and with the people we have missed so much,” Anheuser-Busch CEO Michel Doukeris said in a statement. If the goal is met, the company will give $5 Prepaid cards, enough for a beer, to people who go to their dedicated site and upload a picture of themselves at their favourite place to grab a pint. 


More states have entered the Incentive game, with more states offering $1,000,000 Jackpots and Four-Year, all expenses paid scholarships to College. One of the states with the $1,000,000 lottery is West Virginia. In the past few months, Governor Justice has given teens $100 to get the shot, but he has announced a new plan this week. They will give away new Custom F-150 Pickup Trucks and Custom Hunting Rifles and Shotguns.


“The prognosis is good, if the patient continues to do what the patient is doing, and that is continuing as a country, if you want to make that metaphor go, continue to get vaccinated,” Doctor Anthony Fauci told CNN this week. The CDC has shown evidence in the past week of hope. Last week, Doctor Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the CDC, threw out the first pitch for the Red Sox – Marlins game in Fenway Park, as numbers in Vaccines continue to rise. With around 60% at least partially vaccinated, and cases and deaths slowing each day, it appears a normal July 4th is on the horizon. And with restrictions lifting just about every other week, life may return to something resembling normal.