Demon Slayer´s New Movie Sparks a Massive Fan Following and Revolutionizes Anime

Demon Slayer´s New Movie Sparks a Massive Fan Following and Revolutionizes Anime

Andrew Kotait, Writer

In a world corrupt with man-eating demons, Kamado Tanjiro will rise above the odds to avenge his family by becoming the best demon slayer there is. His main goal is to help cure his sister Nezuko who herself has turned into one of the savage demons he’s sworn to destroy. 

Demon Slayer is the new hit anime that has touched fans’ hearts all over the world. They are amazed by its beautiful animation and phenomenal characters. Since the series has hit Netflix the fan base has almost doubled. Netflix released the series just in time for its theatrical debut on April 23rd. 

Demon slayer season 1 ended on a cliffhanger for the film. It is rare that a series will directly lead into a movie especially for anime, and it is a very unique way to tell a story. The fanbase has been counting down the seconds for this film to premiere in the US. 

High school student Jaivien Geranemo says ¨Demon Slayer has a special place in my heart, I really appreciate how much care and attention is put into the show from the characters to the animation¨

The animation is the staple of the series, it incorporates hand-drawn 2D animation with modern-day 3D animation. It has created a very unique style for the show that has visually drawn new fans over the past year.

Variety´s review on the show says ¨“Demon Slayer” devotees swear by the characters and oddball sense of humor, but are most appreciative of the show’s dynamic fight scenes, which are frequent and creatively choreographed¨

The fight scenes in Demon Slayer are revolutionary and change the standards for anime fights for years to come. Specifically, the sword fights between the slayers and the demons are always incredibly choreographed and well thought out. Demon Slayer has quickly made its way up to being one of the best animes to ever debut internationally.

Local anime enthusiast Dan Kotait says ¨The show is definitely up there with some of the best animes I have ever seen such as Attack on Titan and Naruto. I am really drawn to the characters and their motivations, my favorite is probably Zenitzu¨

Demon Slayer´s new movie premiers worldwide subbed on Friday, April 23rd. You’re going to have to use Thunder Breathing form 1 to quickly get tickets before they’re sold out.